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DateTitle Authors
2012 Dansk bistand som sikkerhedspolitisk instrument, 1992 - 2009Stepputat, Finn / Engberg-Pedersen, Lars / Fejerskov, Adam Moe
2012 Krig i øjenhøjde: Tilskuerdemokratiet og den superviserede krigTjalve, Vibeke Schou
2012 Islamic or universal human rights? The OIC's independent permanent human rights commissionPetersen, Marie Juul
2012 Biometrics as security technology: Expansion amidst fallibilityJacobsen, Katja Lindskov
2012 Diaspora groups and development in fragile situations: Lessons learntKleist, Nauja / Vammen, Ida
2012 Addressing climate change and conflict in development cooperation: Experiences from natural resource managementFunder, Mikkel / Cold-Ravnkilde, Signe Marie / Ginsborg, Ida Peters
2012 Islamic women's activism in the Arab world: Potentials and challenges for external actorsPruzan-Jørgensen, Julie
2012 Is it all about territory? Israel's settlement policy in the occupied Palestinian territory since 1967Stockmarr, Leila
2012 Anti-demokratiske og voldsfremmende miljøer i Danmark, som bekender sig til islamistisk ideologi: Hvad ved vi?Hemmingsen, Ann-Sophie
2011 The World Bank and the emerging world order: Adjusting to multipolarity at the second decimal pointVestergaard, Jakob
2011 Strained alliances: Iran's troubled relations to Afghanistan and PakistanChristensen, Janne Bjerre
2011 Popular nationalism in China and the sino-japanese relationship: The conflict in the East China Sea, an introductory studyBeukel, Erik
2011 Gaza's new Islamists: The atomization of Palestinian Islamism since 2006Stockmarr, Leila
2011 The non-western challenger? The rise of a Sino-centric ChinaForsby, Andreas Bøje
2011 The EU's eastern neighbours: The state of reforms and the reform of the state
2011 After the strategic concept: Towards a NATO version 3.0Flockhart, Trine
2011 Climate change negotiations and their implications for international development cooperationEngberg-Pedersen, Lars
2011 Hvad fik Danmark ud af det? Irak, Afghanistan og forholdet tilHenriksen, Anders / Ringsmose, Jens
2011 NATO's new Strategic Concept: A comprehensive assessment
2011 Pakistan's future policy towards Afghanistan: A look at strategic depth, militant movements and the role of India and the USSiddique, Qandeel
2011 Pro-poor growth through export sector support: What works where and why?Nielsen, Henrik / Gibbon, Peter
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