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DateTitle Authors
2010 Revenue and expenditure nexus: A case study of RomaniaAdnan, Qazi Muhammad / Jalil, Anwar
2010 The relationship between government expenditure and poverty: A cointegration analysisMehmood, Rashid / Sadiq, Sara
2010 Fiscal policy in the context of the economic crisisPelinescu, Elena / Caraiani, Petre
2011 Impact of fiscal variables on economic development of PakistanKakar, Zaheer Khan
2011 Relationship between economic freedom and pro-poor growth: Evidence from Pakistan (1995-2010)Zaman, Khalid / Khan, Muhammad Mushtaq / Ahmad, Mehboob
2011 Fiscal discipline in IndiaSucharita, Sanhita / Sethi, Narayan
2011 The Indonesias state budget sustainability and its implication for financial system stabilityKunvoro, Haryo
2011 Financial development, international trade and economic growth: Empirical evidence from PakistanShaheen, Safana / Awan, Masood Sarwar / Waqas, Muhammad / Aslam, Muhammad Amir
2011 How to assess public debt sustainability: Empirical evidence for the advanced European countriesCurtaşu, Anca Ruxandra
2012 How did we get to the deficit spectrum of the economic crisis?Bodislav, Alexandru
2012 Some considerations on the challenges to the economic scienceDoroftei, Irina Mădălina
2012 How does economic crisis change the landscape of real convergence for Central and Eastern Europe?Alexe, Ileana