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DateTitle Authors
2009 Time, expectations and financial marketsHerr, Hansjörg
2009 Financialisation', distribution, capital accumulation and productivity growth in a Post-Kaleckian modelHein, Eckhard
2009 America's exhausted paradigm: Macroeconomic causes of the financial crisis and great recessionPalley, Thomas I.
2009 Interest rates, distribution and capital accumulation: A Post-Kaleckian perspective on the US and GermanyHein, Eckhard / Schoder, Christian
2010 The rate of interest as a macroeconomic distribution parameter: Horizontalism and Post-Keynesian models of distribution of growthHein, Eckhard
2010 The past and future of the European Social ModelHermann, Christoph / Mahnkopf, Birgit
2010 Finance-dominated capitalism in crisis: The case for a Global Keynesian New DealHein, Eckhard / Truger, Achim
2010 Five explanations for the international financial crisisEvans, Trevor
2011 Finance-dominated capitalism, re-distribution, household debt and financial fragility in a Kaleckian distribution and growth modelHein, Eckhard
2011 Distribution, 'financialisation' and the financial and economic crisis: Implications for post-crisis economic policiesHein, Eckhard
2011 Finance for the poor in demand: Who uses microfinance and why?Ströh de Martínez, Christiane
2012 New instruments for banking regulation and monetary policy after the crisisDetzer, Daniel
2012 The effects of EU fisheries partnership agreements on fish stocks and fishermen: The case of Cape VerdeMundt, Matthias
2012 Finance-dominated capitalism, re-distribution and the financial and economic crises: A European perspectiveHein, Eckhard
2012 The German 'debt brake': A shining example for European fiscal policy?Truger, Achim / Will, Henner
2012 A simple model of a currency union with endogenous money and saving-investment imbalancesEhnts, Dirk
2013 The effect of financialization on labor's share of incomeDünhaupt, Petra
2013 Financial services regulation in the wake of the crisis: The Capital Requirements Directive IV and the Capital Requirements RegulationCasselmann, Farina
2013 The changed role of the lender of last resort: Crisis responses of the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and Bank of EnglandOganesyan, Gayane
2013 Eating the fruit of the poisonous tree? Ecological modernisation and sustainable consumption in the EUCouturier, Anna / Thaimai, Kannika
2013 Macroeconomic policy regimes in emerging market candidates for a currency union: The case of LatviaKazandziska, Milka
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