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DateTitle Authors
2015 The principle of effective demand: Marx, Kalecki, Keynes and beyondHein, Eckhard
2015 Drivers of food waste and policy responses to the issue: The role of retailers in food supply chainsAdam, Alina
2015 An investment initiative for fiscally constrained EU member states: The role of synergetic financial instrumentsZeilbeck, Severin
2015 The external impact of the Green Economy: An analysis of the environmental implications of the Green EconomyVillanueva Cortés, Paloma
2015 The myth of more social inclusion through activation reforms: The case of GermanyBetzelt, Sigrid
2015 Financialisation and financial crisis in IcelandGuðmundsson, Björn Rúnar
2015 Financialisation and the financial and economic crises: Theoretical framework and empirical analysis for 15 countriesDodig, Nina / Hein, Eckhard / Detzer, Daniel
2015 Eight strategies for development in comparisonPriewe, Jan
2015 From immigrants to fundamentalists: Changing portrayals of Muslim identities in EuropeOwers, Daphne
2015 The crisis of finance-led capitalism in the United States of AmericaEvans, Trevor
2015 Austerity, cyclical adjustment and the remaining leeway for expansionary fiscal policies within the current EU fiscal frameworkTruger, Achim
2015 International refugee law and the European Union's Refugee Protection Protocol: A study on the ius cogens norm of non-refoulementBalogh, Cintia
2015 Theories of finance and financial crisis: Lessons for the Great RecessionDodig, Nina / Herr, Hansjörg
2015 Meet the need for inclusive urbanization in China: Migrants' urban housing demand along their socio-economic transitionGottschalch, Sören
2015 EU policies addressing current account imbalances in the EMU: An assessmentDodig, Nina / Herr, Hansjörg
2014 Finance and crisis: Marxian, institutionalist and circuitist approachesArgitis, Georgios / Evans, Trevor / Michell, Jo / Toporowski, Jan
2014 Soziale Rechte gegen Exklusion: Symposium zur Verabschiedung von Martin KronauerSiebel, Walter / Gottschall, Karin / Tálos, Emmerich
2014 Financialisation and the financial and economic crises: The case of GermanyDetzer, Daniel / Hein, Eckhard
2014 An empirical assessment of the contribution of financialization and corporate governance to the rise in income inequalityDünhaupt, Petra
2014 The governance of offshoring and its effects at home: The role of codetermination in the international organization of German firmsBramucci, Allessandro / Zanfei, Antonello
2014 Finance-dominated capitalism and income distribution: A Kaleckian perspective on the case of GermanyHein, Eckhard / Detzer, Daniel
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