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DateTitle Authors
2014 Finance-dominated capitalism in Germany: Deep recession and quick recoveryDetzer, Daniel / Hein, Eckhard
2014 Policy-making of the European Central Bank during the crisis: Do personalities matter?Basham, James / Roland, Aanor
2014 The impact of the increasing demand for biofuels in the EU on the possibility to conduct collective action for reaching a common good: The changes in the community-based management of the common pastures in EthiopiaMiteva, Pavlina
2014 When one country's land gain is another country's land loss...: The social, ecological and economic dimensions of sand extraction in the context of world-systems analysis exemplified by Singapore's sand importsFranke, Maria
2014 Financialisation, distribution, growth and crises: Long-run tendenciesHein, Eckhard / Dodig, Nina
2014 Theories of financial crises: An overviewDetzer, Daniel / Herr, Hansjörg
2014 Previous financial crises leading to stagnation: Selected case studiesDodig, Nina / Herr, Hansjörg
2014 Financial, economic and social systems: French Regulation School, Social Structures of Accumulation and Post-Keynesian approaches comparedHein, Eckhard / Dodig, Nina / Budyldina, Natalia
2014 Towards a green internal electricity market: The self-regulation of European Transmission System Operators for Electricity within EU multilevel governanceBrüning, Anna
2014 Resource curse: A comparative studyAzarhoushang, Behzad / Rukavina, Marko
2013 The theory of reflexivity: A non-stochastic randomness theory for business schools only?Ehnts, Dirk / Carrión Álvarez, Miguel
2013 Income inequality and the welfare state: How redistributive is the public sector?Obst, Thomas
2013 Urbanization in China and how urban housing demand can be metGottschalch, Sören
2013 Crisis, structural reform and the dismantling of the European Social Model(s)Hermann, Christoph
2013 The Federal Reserve in times of economic crisis: Paths and choices since 2007Rüdiger, Sina
2013 Austerity in the Euro area: The sad state of economic policy in Germany and the EUTruger, Achim
2013 Future fiscal and debt policies: Germany in the Context of the European Monetary UnionHein, Eckhard / Truger, Achim
2013 An analytical framework for the Post-Keynesian macroeconomic paradigmHerr, Hansjörg
2013 Macroeconomic policy regimes in emerging market candidates for a currency union: The case of LatviaKazandziska, Milka
2013 Eating the fruit of the poisonous tree? Ecological modernisation and sustainable consumption in the EUCouturier, Anna / Thaimai, Kannika
2013 The changed role of the lender of last resort: Crisis responses of the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and Bank of EnglandOganesyan, Gayane
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