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DateTitle Authors
2004 European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS): Gründungsveranstaltung Münster, 12. Oktober 2004
2005 The IT21 checkup for IT fitness: Experiences and empirical evidence from 4 years of evaluation practiceTeubner, Rolf Alexander
2005 Strategic information planning: Insights from an action research project in the financial services industryTeubner, Rolf Alexander / Mocker, Martin
2007 From Version 1.0 to Version 2.0: A brief history of the webVossen, Gottfried / Hagemann, Stephan
2007 Web service discovery: Reality check 2.0Hagemann, Stephan / Letz, Carolin / Vossen, Gottfried
2008 A literature overview on strategic information systems planningTeubner, Rolf Alexander / Mocker, Martin
2009 The Münster Skeleton Library Muesli: A comprehensive overviewCiechanowicz, Philipp / Poldner, Michael / Kuchen, Herbert
2010 Web-Wide Application Customization: The Case of MashupsHagemann, Stephan / Vossen, Gottfried
2011 Network e-VolutionKirchner, Alexander / Labusch, Nils / Lopez Cordoba, Adriana / Sartor, Sebastian / Tumbas, Sanja / Villalon, Enrique / Wiethoff, Sebastian
2011 Muggl: The Muenster generator of glass-box test casesMajchrzak, Tim A. / Kuchen, Herbert
2012 The IT strategy divide: Professional practice and academic debateTeubner, Rolf Alexander / Pellengahr, Alexander / Mocker, Martin
2012 Towards an IT consumerization theory: A theory and practice reviewNiehaves, Björn / Köffer, Sebastian / Ortbach, Kevin / Katschewitz, Stefan
2012 Marketplaces for data: An initial surveyStahl, Florian / Schomm, Fabian / Vossen, Gottfried
2013 Promoting business process management excellence in Russia: Proceedings and report of the PropelleR 2012 Workshop held in Moscow, April 24 to 26, 2012
2013 State of and perspectives for IS strategy research: A discussion paperTeubner, Rolf Alexander / Pellengahr, Alexander Robert
2014 The data marketplace survey revisitedStahl, Florian / Schomm, Fabian / Vossen, Gottfried
2014 Implementing the WiPo architectureStahl, Florian / Godde, Adrian / Hagedorn, Bastian / Köpcke, Bastian / Rehberger, Martin / Vossen, Gottfried
2014 SaaS cloud computing in small and medium enterprises: A comparison between Germany and New ZealandDillon, Stuart / Vossen, Gottfried
2014 Information systems freshmen teaching: Case experience from day onePflanzl, Nicolas / Bergener, Katrin / Stein, Armin / Vossen, Gottfried
2015 A classification framework for data marketplacesVomfell, Lara / Stahl, Florian / Schomm, Fabian / Vossen, Gottfried