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DateTitle Authors
2014 Advancing industrial marketing theory: The need for improved researchLaPlaca, Peter
2014 Embracing complex causality with the QCA method: An invitationSchneider, Martin R. / Eggert, Andreas
2014 Does publish or perish lead to stylish rubbish?Storbacka, Kaj
2014 CASE: Reinventing the container shipping industryGeersbro, Jens / Ritter, Thomas
2014 The future of business and industrial marketing and needed researchJohnston, Wesley J.
2014 Teaching note for vase: Reinventing the container shipping industryGeersbro, Jens / Ritter, Thomas
2014 EditorialKleinaltenkamp, Michael
2014 Interdependences in business markets: Implications for management practice and researchSnehota, Ivan
2014 A case study of the development of trust in a business relation: Implications for a dynamic theory of trustHuang, Yimin / Wilkinson, Ian F.
2013 Resource-based view and Service-dominant logic: Similarities, differences and further researchMele, Cristina / Della Corte, Valentina
2013 Beyond sporadic actions: How to approach multi-party stakeholder collaboration in service developmentTossavainen, Päivi J.
2013 Editorial: The 2013 Naples Forum on ServiceGummesson, Evert / Mele, Cristina / Polese, Francesco
2013 From 'EGO' to 'ECO' in B2B relationshipsBarile, Sergio / Carrubbo, Luca / Iandolo, Francesca / Caputo, Francesco
2013 Organizational needs: A co-creation and human systems perspectiveKorhonen, Heidi
2013 Developing industrial solution offerings: A framework and management guidelinesPekkarinen, Olli / Salminen, Risto T.
2013 Coping with alternatives in sales organisations: Experiences from an Italian companyPerna, Andrea / Cardinali, Silvio / Gregori, Gian Luca
2013 Finding market focus for solution business developmentNenonen, Suvi / Storbacka, Kaj
2013 Using CLV concept for marketing budgets allocationOyner, Olga K. / Sukhorukove, Olga
2013 Gaining access to customers' resources through relationship bondsBaxter, Roger A.
2013 Customer's potential value: The role of learningKomulainen, Hanna / Mainela, Tuija / Tähtinen, Jaana
2013 An integrated approach to customer value: A comprehensive-practical approachKlanac, Nataša Golik
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