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DateTitle Authors
2012 Dynamic speculative behaviors and mortgage bubbles in the real estate market of mainland ChinaWang, Sheng
2012 Have bull and bear markets changed over time? Empirical evidence from the US-stock marketGrobys, Klaus
2012 Post-modern portfolio theory supports diversification in an investment portfolio to measure investment's performanceRasiah, Devinaga
2012 Does the use of outsiders' fund enhance shareholders' wealth? Evidence from NigeriaOnwumere, J. U. J. / Ibe, Imo G. / Ozoh, Frank O.
2012 The effect of changing the status of sports clubs: From association to the companyTheiri, Saliha / Medabesh, Ali / Ati, Abdessatar
2012 Do consumer attitudes matter in capital markets? A study of mutual funds in Oman marketTahseen, Arshi A. / Narayana, Surya
2012 A non-parametric approach of heteroskedasticity robust estimation of Vector-Autoregressive (VAR) modelsGrobys, Klaus
2012 Network centrality and stock market volatility: The impact of communication topologies on pricesHein, Oliver / Schwind, Michael / Spiwoks, Markus
2012 DrawDown constraints and portfolio optimizationDavidsson, Marcus