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DateTitle Authors
2014 Financial sector: Upward trend in share of women on corporate boards progressing only in small stepsHolst, Elke / Kirsch, Anja
2014 "Public companies could play a pioneering role": Six questions to Elke HolstHolst, Elke / Wittenberg, Erich
2014 Women still the exception on executive boards of Germany's large firms: Gradually increasing representation on supervisory boardsHolst, Elke / Kirsch, Anja
2014 German-Chinese economic relations: Opportunities and risks for GermanyErber, Georg
2014 Prospects for consumption-based growth in ChinaDreger, Christian / Zhang, Yanqun
2014 "China's new course: Strengthening private consumption": Five questions to Christian DregerDreger, Christian / Wittenberg, Erich
2014 Reduction in income inequality falteringGrabka, Markus M. / Goebel, Jan
2014 "The poor and unemployed show less political interest": Seven questions to Martin KrohKroh, Martin / Wittenberg, Erich
2014 Leisure behavior of young people: Education-oriented activities becoming increasingly prevalentHille, Adrian / Arnold, Annegret / Schupp, Jürgen
2014 Poor, unemployed, and politically inactive?Kroh, Martin / Könnecke, Christian
2013 TARGET balances: An anchor of stabilityFratzscher, Marcel / König, Philipp / Lambert, Claudia
2013 "Settling TARGET balances after the Euro crisis": Seven questions to Claudia Lambert and Philipp KönigLambert, Claudia / König, Philipp / Wittenberg, Erich
2013 Structural shift in global natural gas markets: Demand boom in Asia, supply shock in the USHolz, Franziska / Richter, Philipp M. / von Hirschhausen, Christian
2013 Energy transition calls for high investmentBlazejczak, Jürgen / Diekmann, Jochen / Edler, Dietmar / Kemfert, Claudia / Neuhoff, Karsten / Schill, Wolf-Peter
2013 "Investment in energy transition has unequivocally positive impact on economy": Six questions to Claudia KemfertKemfert, Claudia / Wittenberg, Erich
2013 European electricity generation post-2020: Renewable energy not to be underestimatedvon Hirschhausen, Christian / Kemfert, Claudia / Kunz, Friedrich / Mendelevitch, Roman
2013 Investments in education: The early years offer great potentialSpieß, C. Katharina
2013 "The quality of early education and care must be improved": Five questions to C. Katharina SpießSpieß, C. Katharina / Wittenberg, Erich
2013 Transport infrastructure: Higher investments needed to preserve assetsKunert, Uwe / Link, Heike
2013 Automobility in flux: More women and older drivers at the wheelKunert, Uwe / Radke, Sabine / Chlond Bastian / Kagerbauer, Martin
2013 "Germany's big weakness is a lack of investment": Seven questions to Marcel FratzscherFratzscher, Marcel / Wittenberg, Erich
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