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DateTitle Authors
2014 "We need to give impetus to the private sector": Six questions to Marcel FratzscherFratzscher, Marcel / Wittenberg, Erich
2014 "The ECB's policy of low interest rates is indispensable for now": Five questions to Dorothea SchäferSchäfer, Dorothea / Wittenberg, Erich
2014 European energy sector: Large investments required for sustainability and supply securityvon Hirschhausen, Christian / Holz, Franziska / Gerbaulet, Clemens / Lorenz, Casimir
2014 Weak inflation and threat of deflation in the euro area: Limits of conventional monetary policyBernoth, Kerstin / Fratzscher, Marcel / König, Philipp
2014 Persistently high wealth inequality in GermanyGrabka, Markus M. / Westermeier, Christian
2014 Pitfalls of compound interest effect: Private investors underestimate loss risks of financial productsZankiewicz, Christian
2014 "Unemployed have considerably fewer assets than ten years ago": Eight questions to Markus M. GrabkaGrabka, Markus M. / Wittenberg, Erich
2014 Weak investment in the EU: A long-term cross-sectoral phenomenonGornig, Martin / Schiersch, Alexander
2014 "Europe's investment slump": Five questions to Claus MichelsenMichelsen, Claus / Wittenberg, Erich
2014 Low base interest rates: An opportunity in the euro debt crisisKokert, Marius / Schäfer, Dorothea / Stephan, Andreas
2014 Weak investment dampens Europe's growthBaldi, Guido / Fichtner, Ferdinand / Michelsen, Claus / Rieth, Malte
2014 An investment agenda for EuropeFichtner, Ferdinand / Fratzscher, Marcel / Gornig, Martin
2014 Improved energy efficiency: Vital for energy transition and stimulus for economic growthBlazejczak, Jürgen / Edler, Dietmar / Schill, Wolf-Peter
2014 Climate protection through biochar in German agriculture: Potentials and costsTeichmann, Isabel
2014 "Energy upgrades: The longer you wait, the harder it gets": Seven questions to Dietmar EdlerEdler, Dietmar / Wittenberg, Erich
2014 Financial sector: Upward trend in share of women on corporate boards progressing only in small stepsHolst, Elke / Kirsch, Anja
2014 "Public companies could play a pioneering role": Six questions to Elke HolstHolst, Elke / Wittenberg, Erich
2014 Women still the exception on executive boards of Germany's large firms: Gradually increasing representation on supervisory boardsHolst, Elke / Kirsch, Anja
2014 German-Chinese economic relations: Opportunities and risks for GermanyErber, Georg
2014 Prospects for consumption-based growth in ChinaDreger, Christian / Zhang, Yanqun
2014 "China's new course: Strengthening private consumption": Five questions to Christian DregerDreger, Christian / Wittenberg, Erich
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