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The Constitutional Economics Network Working Papers, Universität Freiburg

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DateTitle Authors
2015 Intergenerational sharing of non-renewable resources: An experimental study using Rawls's Veil of IgnoranceWolf, Stephan / Dron, Cameron
2014 Institutional diagnostics of climate adaptationOberlack, Christoph
2013 Choosing inequality: An experimental analysis of the impact of social immobility on the democratic election of distribution rulesWolf, Stephan / Lenger, Alexander
2013 A diagnostic approach to the institutional analysis of climate adaptationOberlack, Christoph / Neumärker, Bernhard
2012 Overcoming barriers to urban adaptation through international cooperation? Modes and design properties under the UNFCCCOberlack, Christoph / Eisenack, Klaus
2012 Rekonstruktive Forschungsmethoden in der deutschen Volkswirtschaftslehre: Eine explorative Erhebung zugrunde liegender RepräsentationsmusterLenger, Alexander / Kruse, Jan
2012 The rule of law and sustainability of the constitution: The case of tax evasionNaqvi, Nadeem / Neumärker, Bernhard / Pech, Gerald
2011 Equal opportunity in educational contexts: Comparing the feasibility of divergent conceptualizationsKappius, Robert
2011 The tolerance premium as a constitutional element of the protective welfare stateWyss, Reto
2011 Der Bildungsmonitor 2011: Ein Indikator für Bildungsgerechtigkeit?Kappius, Robert
2011 Economics, institutions and adaptation to climate changeOberlack, Christoph / Neumärker, Bernhard
2010 Von Hayek's theory of cultural evolution in the light of a simplified model of Kaufmann's general biological evolutionary theoryWolf, Stephan
2010 Determinants of the capacity to adapt to climate change in multilevel governance systems: A metaanalysis of case study evidenceOberlack, Christoph
2010 Penalties in the theory of equilibrium tax evasion: Solving King John's problemNeumärker, Bernhard / Pech, Gerald
2010 An intergenerational social contract for common resource usage: A reality-check for Harsanyi and RawlsWolf, Stephan
2010 A contribution to the contractual analysis of public-private partnershipsJamil, Sarah / Neumärker, Bernhard