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DateTitle Authors
2007 Wealth concentration over the path of development: Sweden, 1873 - 2005Roine, Jesper / Waldenström, Daniel
2007 On gender inequality and life satisfaction: Does discrimination matter?Bjørnskov, Christian / Dreher, Axel / Fischer, Justina A. V.
2007 The choice between two hypothesis testsRuist, Erik
2007 Multiple paper monies in Sweden, 1789 - 1903: Substitution or complementarity?Engdahl, Torbjörn / Ögren, Anders
2007 Does job satisfaction improve the health of workers? New evidence using panel data and objective measures of healthFischer, Justina A. V. / Sousa-Poza, Alfonso
2007 Decentralization as a disincentive for transnational terror? An empirical testDreher, Axel / Fischer, Justina A. V.
2007 Protestantism and government spendig: A negative relationship? An empirical application to Swiss CantonsFischer, Justina A. V. / Schneider, Friedrich
2007 The cost of lyingLundquist, Tobias / Ellingsen, Tore / Gribbe, Erik / Johannesson, Magnus
2007 Risk and mortality of recurrent breast cancer in Stockholm 1985 - 2005Lundkvist, Jonas / Kasteng, Frida / Lidgren, Mathias / Adolfsson, Jan / Bergh, Jonas
2007 Multivariate GARCH modelsSilvennoinen, Annastiina / Teräsvirta, Timo
2007 Trust and truthEllingsen, Tore / Johannesson, Magnus / Lilja, Jannie / Zetterqvist, Henrik
2007 Will privatization reduce costs?Lindqvist, Erik
2007 The impact of direct democracy on public education: Evidence for Swiss students in reading, mathematics and natural scienceFischer, Justina A. V.
2007 Superstars without talent ? The Yule distribution controversySpierdijk, Laura / Voorneveld, Mark
2007 On the possibility of political change: Outcomes in between local and global equilibriaOlovsson, Conny / Roine, Jesper
2007 What determines top income shares? Evidence from the twentieth centuryRoine, Jesper / Vlachos, Jonas / Waldenström, Daniel
2007 Financial revolution and economic modernization in SwedenÖgren, Anders
2007 The fetters of the sib: Weber meets DarwinAlger, Ingela / Weibull, Jörgen W.
2007 GenerosityEllingsen, Tore / Johannesson, Magnus
2007 A note on the accuracy of Markov-chain approximations to highly persistent AR(1)-processesFlodén, Martin
2007 Time is not moneyEllingsen, Tore / Johannesson, Magnus
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