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DateTitle Authors
2008 Contracts and promises: An approach to pre-play agreementsMiettinen, Topi
2008 From preferences to Cobb-Douglas utilityVoorneveld, Mark
2008 Modelling conditional and unconditional heteroskedasticity with smoothly time-varying structureAmado, Cristina / Teräsvirta, Timo
2008 Fines, leniency, rewards and organized crime: Evidence from antitrust experimentsBigoni, Maria / Fridolfsson, Sven-Olof / Le Coq, Chloé / Spagnolo, Giancorlo
2008 Formal institutions and subjective well-being: Revisiting the cross-country evidenceBjørnskov, Christian / Dreher, Axel / Fischer, Justina A. V.
2008 Competition and well-being: Does market competition make people unhappy?Fischer, Justina A. V.
2008 Analogy-based expectations and the partially cursed equilibriumMiettinen, Topi
2008 Lady and the trump: Status and wealth in the marriage marketAlmenberg, Johan / Dreber, Anna
2008 Optimality and equilibrium for binary decision problems in a committeeLaslier, Jean-François / Weibull, Jörgen W.
2008 How should research performances be measures? Evidence from rankings of academic economistsHenrekson, Magnus / Waldenström, Daniel
2008 Do more expensive wines taste better? Evidence from a large sample of blind tastingsGoldstein, Robin / Almenberg, Johan / Dreber, Anna / Emerson, John W. / Herschkowitsch, Alexis / Katzy, Jacob
2007 Anticipated verbal feedback induces altruistic behaviorEllingsen, Tore / Johannesson, Magnus
2007 The target projection dynamicTsakas, Elias / Voornefeld, Mark
2007 Field and lab convergence in poissin LUPI gamesÖstling, Robert / Wang, Joseph Tao-yi / Chou, Eileen / Camerer, Colin F.
2007 Family ties, incentives and development: A model of coerced altruismAlger, Ingela / Weibull, Jörgen W.
2007 Reciprocity in young childrenDahlman, Sandra / Ljungqvist, Pontus / Johannesson, Magnus
2007 Billiards and brains: Cognitive ability and behaviour in a p-beauty contestBurnham, Terence C. / Cesarini, David / Wallace, Björn
2007 Genetic influences on economic preferencesCesarini, David / Dawes, Christopher T. / Johannesson, Magnus / Lichtenstein, Paul / Wallace, Björn
2007 The possibility of impossible stairways and greener grassVoorneveld, Mark
2007 Political polarizationDixit, Avinash K. / Weibull, Jörgen W.
2007 Wealth concentration over the path of development: Sweden, 1873 - 2005Roine, Jesper / Waldenström, Daniel
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