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DateTitle Authors
2000 Stochastic better-supply dynamics in gamesJosephson, Jens
2000 The evolution of income inequality during the rise of the Swedish welfare state 1951 to 1973Björklund, Anders / Palme, Mårten
2000 Growth effects of government expenditure and taxation in rich countriesFölster, Stefan / Henrekson, Magnus
2000 Clever agents in adaptive learningMatros, Alexander
2000 Are sons and daughters substitutable? A study of intra-household allocation of resources in contemporary JapanOno, Hiroshi
2000 A signalling theory of scapegoatsSegendorff, Björn
2000 Variability and avrage profits: Does Oi's result generalize?Friberg, Richard / Martensen, Kaj
2000 Costs and quality of life in multiple sclerosis: A cross-sectional observational study in GermanyKobelt, Gisela / Lindgren, Peter / Smala, Antje / Jönsson, Bengt
2000 Swedish economic growth and scholarly objectivity: An objective sociologist vs. subjective economists, or the way around?Henrekson, Magnus
2000 Financial markets, the pattern of specialization and comparative advantage: Evidence from OECD countriesSvaleryd, Helena / Vlachos, Jonas
2000 Influence costs and hierarchyInderst, Roman / Müller, Holger M. / Wärneryd, Karl
2000 Dynamics of technical efficiency and productivity change under central planning: The Romainian cement industry 1966 - 1989Cotfas, Mihai / Heshmati, Almas / Hjalmarsson, Lennart
2000 Why not use standard panel unit root test for testing PPPLyhagen, Johan
2000 Costs and quality of life in multiple sclerosis: A cross-sectional observational study in the UKKobelt, Gisela / Lindgren, Peter / Parkin, David / Francis, David A. / Johnson, Michael / Bates, David / Jönsson, Bengt
2000 On the term structure of futures and forward pricesBjörk, Tomas / Landén, Camilla
2000 College quality and earnings in the Japanese labor marketOno, Hiroshi
2000 Designing efficient institutions for science-based entrepreneurship: Lessons from the US and SwedenHenrekson, Magnus / Rosenberg, Nathan
2000 A return to the convertibility principle? Monetary and fiscal regimes in historical perspective. The international evidenceBordo, Michael D. / Jonung, Lars
2000 A median voter model of health insurance with ex post moral hazardJacob, Johanna / Lundin, Douglas
2000 Proximity-concentration versus factor proportion explanation: The case of Swedish multinationals in the EUMathä, Thomas
2000 E-commerce and prices: Theory and evidenceFriberg, Richard / Ganslandt, Mattias / Sandström, Mikael
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