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DateTitle Authors
2012 Credit portfolio modelling and its effect on capital requirementsBülbül, Dilek / Lambert, Claudia
2012 A user cost approach to capital measurement in aggregate production functionsKnetsch, Thomas A.
2012 Ein nutzungskostenbasierter Ansatz zur Messung des Faktors Kapital in aggregierten ProduktionsfunktionenKnetsch, Thomas A.
2012 Executive board composition and bank risk takingBerger, Allen N. / Kick, Thomas / Schaeck, Klaus
2012 Towards an explanation of cross-country asymmetries in monetary transmissionGeorgiadis, Georgios
2012 Regulation, credit risk transfer with CDS, and bank lendingPausch, Thilo / Welzel, Peter
2012 Assessing macro-financial linkages: A model comparison exerciseGerke, Rafael / Jonsson, Magnus / Kliem, Martin / Kolasa, Marcin / Lafourcade, Pierre / Locarno, Alberto / Makarski, Krzysztof / McAdam, Peter
2012 Stress testing German banks against a global cost-of-capital shockDuellmann, Klaus / Kick, Thomas
2012 Maturity shortening and market failureThierfelder, Felix
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