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DateTitle Authors
2012 An affine multifactor model with macro factors for the German term structure: Changing results during the recent crisesHalberstadt, Arne / Stapf, Jelena
2012 Diversification and determinants of international credit portfolios: Evidence from German banksBöninghausen, Benjamin / Köhler, Matthias
2012 Determinants of the interest rate pass-through of banks: Evidence from German loan productsSchlüter, Tobias / Busch, Ramona / Hartmann-Wendels, Thomas / Sievers, Sönke
2012 Early warning indicators for the German banking system: A macroprudential analysisJahn, Nadya / Kick, Thomas
2012 Fiscal deficits, financial fragility, and the effectiveness of government policiesKirchner, Markus / van Wijnbergen, Sweder
2012 Identifying time variability in stock and interest rate dependenceStein, Michael / Islami, Mevlud / Lindemann, Jens
2012 Saving and learning: Theory and evidence from saving for child's collegeZhu, Junyi
2012 Estimating dynamic tax revenue elasticities for GermanyKoester, Gerrit B. / Priesmeier, Christoph
2012 Tax incentives and capital structure choice: Evidence from GermanyHartmann-Wendels, Thomas / Stein, Ingrid / Stöter, Alwin
2012 Competition for internal funds within multinational banks: Foreign affiliate lending in the crisisDüwel, Cornelia / Frey, Rainer
2012 Relationship lending in the interbank market and the price of liquidityBräuning, Falk / Fecht, Falko
2012 Determinants of bank interest margins: Impact of maturity transformationEntrop, Oliver / Memmel, Christoph / Ruprecht, Benedikt / Wilkens, Marco
2012 Cyclical adjustment in fiscal rules: Some evidence on real-time bias for EU-15 countriesKempkes, Gerhard
2012 Credit risk connectivity in the financial industry and stabilization effects of government bailoutsBosma, Jakob / Koetter, Michael / Wedow, Michael
2012 The effectiveness of monetary policy in steering money market rates during the financial crisisAbbassi, Puriya / Linzert, Tobias
2012 The PHF: A comprehensive panel survey on household finances and wealth in Germanyvon Kalckreuth, Ulf / Eisele, Martin / Le Blanc, Julia / Schmidt, Tobias / Zhu, Junyi
2012 Bank regulation and stability: An examination of the Basel market risk frameworkAlexander, Gordon J. / Baptista, Alexandre M. / Yan, Shu
2012 Does Wagner's law ruin the sustainability of German public finances?Priesmeier, Christoph / Koester, Gerrit B.
2012 Capital regulation, liquidity requirements and taxation in a dynamic model of bankingDe Nicolò, Gianni / Gamba, Andrea / Luccetta, Marcella
2012 Trend growth expectations and US house prices before and after the crisisHoffmann, Mathias / Krause, Michael U. / Laubach, Thomas
2012 Credit portfolio modelling and its effect on capital requirementsBülbül, Dilek / Lambert, Claudia
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