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DateTitle Authors
2014 Interbank lending and distress: Observables, unobservables, and network structureCraig, Ben / Koetter, Michael / Krüger, Ulrich
2014 International banking and liquidity risk transmission: Lessons from across countriesBuch, Claudia M. / Goldberg, Linda
2014 Mitigating financial stress in a bank-financed economy: Equity injections into banks or purchases of assets?Kühl, Michael
2014 Household saving behavior and credit constraints in the Euro areaLe Blanc, Julia / Porpiglia, Alessandro / Teppa, Federica / Zhu, Junyi / Ziegelmeyer, Michael
2014 How do households allocate their assets? Stylized facts from the eurosystem household finance and consumption surveyArrondel, Luc / Bartiloro, Laura / Fessler, Primin / Lindner, Peter / Mathä, Thomas Y. / Rampazzi, Cristiana / Savignac, Frederique / Schmidt, Tobias / Schürz, Martin / Vermeulen, Philip
2014 Collateral imbalances in intra-European trade? Accounting for the differences between gross and value added trade balancesNagengast, Arne J. / Stehrer, Robert
2014 Consumer cash usage: A cross-country comparison with payment diary survey dataBagnall, John / Bounie, David / Huynh, Kim P. / Kosse, Anneke / Schmidt, Tobias / Schuh, Scott / Stix, Helmut
2014 Quantifying the components of the banks' net interest marginBusch, Ramona / Memmel, Christoph
2014 Market transparency and the marking precision of bond mutual fund managersCici, Gjergji / Gibson, Scott / Gündüz, Yalin / Merrick, John J.
2014 Analyzing business and financial cycles using multi-level factor modelsBreitung, Jörg / Eickmeier, Sandra
2014 A consistent set of multilateral productivity approach-based indicators of price competitivenessFischer, Christoph / Hossfeld, Oliver
2014 The financial accelerator and market-based debt instruments: A role for maturities?Kühl, Michael
2014 Wealth shocks, credit-supply shocks, and asset allocation: Evidence from household and firm portfoliosKick, Thomas / Ruprecht, Benedikt / Onali, Enrico / Schaeck, Klaus
2014 Filling in the blanks: Network structure and interbank contagionAnand, Kartik / Craig, Ben / von Peter, Goetz
2014 Investor fears and risk premia for rare eventsSchwarz, Claudia
2014 The distribution of debt across euro area countries: The role of individual characteristics, institutions and credit conditionsBover, Olympia / Casado, Jose Maria / Costa, Sonia / Du Caju, Philip / McCarthy, Yvonne / Sierminska, Eva / Tzamourani, Panagiota / Villanueva, Ernesto / Zavadil, Tibor
2014 Earnings baths by bank CEOs during turnoversBornemann, Sven / Pfingsten, Andreas / Kick, Thomas / Schertler, Andrea
2014 Lucas paradox and allocation puzzle: Is the euro area different?Herrmann, Sabine / Kleinert, Jörn
2014 Cash management and payment choices: A simulation model with international comparisonsArango, Carlos / Bouhdaoui, Yassine / Bounie, David / Eschelbach, Martina / Hernández, Lola
2013 Market timing, maturity mismatch, and risk management: Evidence from the banking industryRuprecht, Benedikt / Entrop, Oliver / Kick, Thomas / Wilkens, Marco
2013 Cost leadership and bank internationalizationGalema, Rients / Koetter, Michael / Liesegang, Caroline
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