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DateTitle Authors
2015 German and the rest of euro area fiscal policy during the crisisGadatsch, Niklas / Hauzenberger, Klemens / Stähler, Nikolai
2015 Imperfect information about financial frictions and consequences for the business cycleHollmayr, Josef / Kühl, Michael
2015 Fiscal austerity, unemployment and family firmsMunkacsi, Zsuzsa
2015 Financial frictions and global spilloversMetiu, Norbert / Hilberg, Björn / Grill, Michael
2015 Centrality-based capital allocationsAlter, Adrian / Craig, Ben / Raupach, Peter
2015 The term structure of interest rates and the macroeconomy: Learning about economic dynamics from a FAVARHalberstadt, Arne
2015 Employment, hours and optimal monetary policyDossche, Maarten / Lewis, Vivien / Poilly, Céline
2014 A network view on interbank market freezesGabrieli, Silvia / Georg, Co-Pierre
2014 Banking market structure and macroeconomic stability: Are low-income countries special?Bremus, Franziska / Buch, Claudia M.
2014 Updating the option implied probability of default methodologyVilsmeier, Johannes
2014 Who trades on momentum?Baltzer, Markus / Jank, Stephan / Smajlbegovic, Esad
2014 Cross-border liquidity, relationships and monetary policy: Evidence from the Euro area interbank crisisAbbassi, Puriya / Bräuning, Falk / Fecht, Falko / Peydró, José-Luis
2014 Unconventional monetary policy in an open economyGieck, Jana
2014 Loan loss provisioning and procyclicality: Evidence from an expected loss modelDomikowsky, Christian / Bornemann, Sven / Duellmann, Klaus / Pfingsten, Andreas
2014 Forecast-error-based estimation of forecast uncertainty when the horizon is increasedKnüppel, Malte
2014 Decomposition of country-specific corporate bond spreadsDötz, Niko
2014 Taxing banks: An evaluation of the German bank levyBuch, Claudia M. / Hilberg, Björn / Tonzer, Lena
2014 What predicts financial (in)stability? A Bayesian approachEidenberger, Judith / Neudorfer, Benjamin / Sigmund, Michael / Stein, Ingrid
2014 Carry funding and safe haven currencies: A threshold regression approachHossfeld, Oliver / MacDonald, Ronald
2014 Money growth and consumer price inflation in the euro area: A wavelet analysisMandler, Martin / Scharnagl, Michael
2014 Contingent convertible bonds and the stability of bank funding: The case of partial writedownBleich, Dirk
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