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DateTitle Authors
2015 Cutting the credit line: Evidence from GermanyGoldbach, Stefan / Nitsch, Volker
2015 Many a little makes a mickle: Macro portfolio stress test for small and medium-sized German banksBusch, Ramona / Koziol, Philipp / Mitrovic, Marc
2015 The intraday interest rate: What's that?Abbassi, Puriya / Fecht, Falko / Tischer, Johannes
2015 The synchronization of European credit cyclesMeller, Barbara / Metiu, Norbert
2015 Cross-border banking and business cycles in asymmetric currency unionsDräger, Lena / Proaño, Christian R.
2015 Characterizing the financial cycle: Evidence from a frequency domain analysisStrohsal, Till / Proaño, Christian R. / Wolters, Jürgen
2015 Calculating trading book capital: Is risk separation appropriate?Raupach, Peter
2015 Multinational banks' deleveraging in the crisis driven by pre-crisis characteristics and behaviorFrey, Rainer
2015 International financial market integration, asset compositions, and the falling exchange rate pass-throughBuzaushina, Almira / Enders, Zeno / Hoffmann, Mathias
2015 German wage moderation and European imbalances: Feeding the global VAR with theoryBettendorf, Timo / León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2015 Banks' net interest margin and the level of interest ratesBusch, Ramona / Memmel, Christoph
2015 Tales of transition paths: Policy uncertainty and random walksHollmayr, Josef / Matthes, Christian
2015 Lethal lapses: How a positive interest rate shock might stress German life insurersFeodoria, Mark / Förstemann, Till
2015 Market discipline across bank governance models: Empirical evidence from German depositorsArnold, Eva A. / Größl, Ingrid / Koziol, Philipp
2015 The pattern of home ownership across cohorts and its impact on the net wealth distribution: Empirical evidence from Germany and the USAlik-Lagrange, Arthur / Schmidt, Tobias
2015 Do exposures to sagging real estate, subprime or conduits abroad lead to contraction and flight to quality in bank lending at home?Ongena, Steven / Tümer-Alkan, Günseli / von Westernhagen, Natalja
2015 The interest rate pass-through in the euro area during the sovereign debt crisisvon Borstel, Julia / Eickmeier, Sandra / Krippner, Leo
2015 Securities trading by banks and credit supply: Micro-evidenceAbbassi, Puriya / Iyer, Rajkamal / Peydró, José-Luis / Tous, Francesc R.
2015 German and the rest of euro area fiscal policy during the crisisGadatsch, Niklas / Hauzenberger, Klemens / Stähler, Nikolai
2015 Imperfect information about financial frictions and consequences for the business cycleHollmayr, Josef / Kühl, Michael
2015 Fiscal austerity, unemployment and family firmsMunkacsi, Zsuzsa
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