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DateTitle Authors
2007 Letter from the editor-in-chiefYoung, Allan
2006 Capital structure in small manufacturing firms: Evidence from the dataColeman, Susan
2006 Letter from the editor-in-chiefYoung, Allan
2006 Assessing the profitability and riskiness of small business lenders in the banking industryKolari, James W. / Ou, Charles / Shin, G. Hwan
2006 Initial public offerings, subsequent seasoned equity offerings, and long-run performance: Evidence from IPOs in GermanyBessler, Wolfgang / Thies, Stefan
2006 The impact of initial public offerings on the external growth strategies of entrepreneurial firmsSchmidt, Tobias / Dowling, Michael / Lechner, Christian
2006 The link between IPO underpricing and trading volume: Evidence from the Istanbul Stock ExchangeYüksel, Aydin / Yüksel, Asli
2006 Letter from the editor-in-chiefYoung, Allan
2006 Cash reserve and venture business survival probabilityLiu, Sheen / Woodlock, Peter / Qi, Howard / Xie, Yan Alice
2006 Venture-backed IPOs and the exiting of venture capital in ChinaXu, Xiaoqing Eleanor
2006 Angel investing: Changing strategies during volatile timesSohl, Jeffrey E.
2006 Use of debt covenants in small firmsBathala, Chenchuramaiah T. / Bowlin, Oswald D. / Dukes, William P.
2006 How theory meets practice: An analysis of the capital structure of Spanish SMEsCardone Riportella, Clara / Cazorla Papis, Leonardo
2006 An excursion into the venture capital industry stratified by locations and industries 1996 - 2005Shachmurove, Yochanan
2005 Sustainability of the Chinese economic expansionKlein, L. R. / Mak, Wendy
2005 Who adds value to ventures? Understanding the roles and relative contributions of key advisors in high-technology startupsChoi, David Y. / Stack, Martin
2005 Venture capital and firm performance over the long-run: Evidence from high-tech IPOs in the United StatesBrown, James R.
2005 Statistical databases for economic research on the financing of small firms in the United StatesOu, Charles C.
2005 The effect of NAFTA on Mexican agricultural exports to the United States: The case of coffee beans, 1970 - 2003Carrillo-Huerta, Mario M. / Bonilla, Israel Minor
2005 Tools to apply to financial statements to identify errors, omissions and fraud in business valuationsClevenger, Tom / Baker, Gary
2005 An analysis of industrial characteristics and incentives on foreign investment: The case of rapid economic growth in TaiwanChen, Jo-hui
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