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DateTitle Authors
2002 Letter from the editorsYoung, Allan / Wilemon, David / Wu, Chunchi
2002 Optimal liquidation of venture capital stakesDubil, Robert
2002 Value creation and the entrepreneurial businessSpivey, Michael F. / McMillan, Jeffrey J.
2003 Consumption-based taxation at the business level: The Croatian experienceBlažić, Helena / Nikolić, Nikša / Pečarić, Mario
2003 Characteristics of venture capital firms and investment appraisals: Australian evidenceTourani-Rad, Alireza / England, Bryce
2003 An introduction to the special issueFatemi, Ali / Welsch, Harold
2003 Dynamic linkages between trading volume and price movements: Evidence for small firm stocksCiner, Cetin
2003 A simple utility approach to private equity salesDubil, Robert
2003 Letter form the editorYoung, Allan
2003 Corporate governance, illiquidity, and valuation issues in privately-owned corporationsBathala, Chenchuramaiah T. / Bowlin, Oswald D. / Dukes, William P.
2003 The information content in trades of inactive Nasdaq stocksChen, Peter / Man, Kasing / Wu, Chunchi
2003 Forecasting short run performance of initial public offerings in the Istanbul Stock ExchangeAktaş, Ramazan / Karan, Mehmet Baha / Aydoğan, Kürşat
2003 Is entrepreneurship only about entering a new businessFooladi, Iraj J. / Kayhani, Nargess K.
2003 How do banks pick safer ventures? A theory relating the importance of risk aversion and collateral to interest margins and credit rationingBurke, Andrew / Hanley, Aoife
2003 Capital budgeting and entrepreneurial organizations: A survey of hospital practicesHo, Shih-jen Kathy / Chan, Lilian / Tompkins, Daniel L.
2003 Patterns of venturing financing: The case of Chinese entrepreneursLiao, Jianwen / Welsch, Harold / Pistrui, David
2003 Risk, Return and Degree of Owner Involvement in Privately Held FirmsVos, Edward / Smith, Bronwyn M.
2004 Annualized and cumulative returns on venture-backed public companies categorized by industryShachmurove, Amir / Shachmurove, Yochanan
2004 Which loans are relationship loans? Evidence from the 1998 survey of small business financesMitchell, Karlyn / Pearce, Douglas K.
2004 The entrepreneur's choice: Venture capital debt financing with adverse selectionBooth, G. Geoffrey / Dalgic, Orkunt / Young, Allan
2004 Late payments in accession countries: Causes and international comparisonPraésnikar, Janez / Pahor, Marko / Cirman, Andreja
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