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DateTitle Authors
1991 Small Business Uniqueness and the Theory of Financial ManagementAng, James S.
1991 Revolving Asset-Based Lending Contracts and the Resolution of Debt-Related Agency ProblemsConstand, Richard L. / Osteryoung, Jerome S. / Nast, Donald A.
1991 Size, Liquidity, and the Cost of EquityBeedles, William L.
1991 An Agency Perspective of Auditor Change in Small FirmsKeasey, Kevin / Watson, Robert
1991 A Survey of Working Capital Policy among Small Manufacturing FirmsBurns, Richard / Walker, Joe
1991 A Note on Venture Capital Networks: Promise and PerformanceBrown, Donald J. / Stowe, Charles R. B.
1991 Research in Small-Firm Entrepreneurial Finance: A Note on Developing a ParadigmPetty, J. William
1991 Tax Effects on the Value of Incentive Stock Options (ISOs) and the Decision to Go PublicRhee, Thomas A.
1991 Marginal Returns in Small and Large CompaniesAnderson, Ronald F. / Newbould, Gerald D.
1991 Predicting Small Bank FailureHeyliger, Wilton E. / Holdren, Don P.
1991 An Empirical Analysis of the Financial Structure of Small and Large Australian Manufacturing EnterprisesHolmes, Scott / Kent, Pam
1991 Control Premiums and the Value of the Closely-Held FirmSchubert, Walt / Barenbaum, Les
1991 Capital Structure and Small Growth FirmsNorton, Edgar
1992 On the Theory of Finance for Privately Held FirmsAng, James S.
1992 The Valuation Effects of Private Placements of Public Corporations' Common StockMcDaniel, W. R. / McDaniel, William R.
1992 Financial Information for Decision Making: An Alternative Small Firm PerspectiveGibson, Brian
1992 U.K. Small Firm Bankruptcy Prediction: A Logit Analysis of Financial Trend-, Industry-, and Macro-EffectsCressy, Robert C.
1992 Differences in Risk Measurement for Small Unlisted BusinessesVos, Edward A.
1992 The Winning New Issues: A Case StudySchilit, Howard M. / Schilit, W. Keith
1992 Equity Returns to Small Bank InvestorsBedingfield, James P. / Johnston, Robert D. / Stagliano, A. J.
1992 Auditing as a Signal in Small Business LendingDharan, Bala G.
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