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DateTitle Authors
2010 The role of owner in capital structure decisions: An analysis of single-owner corporationsAng, James / Cole, Rebel / Lawson, Daniel
2010 Investment timing for new business venturesBlazenko, George W. / Pavlov, Andrey D.
2010 Micro-IPOs: An analysis of the small corporate offering registration (SCOR) procedure with national dataBrau, James C. / Gee, Gardner
2010 Predicting firm failure: A behavioral finance perspectiveYazdipour, R. / Constand, Richard L.
2008 Decision making in entrepreneurial finance: A behavioral perspectiveYazdipour, Rassoul
2008 The valuation implications of sales growth in start-up venturesGavious, Ilanit / Schwartz, Dafna
2008 Hawaii Macadamia Nut CompanyTompson, George H. / Verreault, Dan / Tompson, Holly B.
2008 Qualitative factors as determinants of continued success: An examination of eBusiness entrepreneurial firms using the New Venture TemplateBlack, Ervin L. / Burton, F. Greg / Johnson, Peter M.
2008 Risk aversion, entrepreneurial risk, and portfolio selectionFang, Hongyan / Nofsinger, John R.
2007 Innovation, managerial effort, and start-up performanceAllen, W. David / Hall, Thomas W.
2007 Why would financial bubbles evolve after new technologies?Kedar-Levy, Haim
2007 Early work experience and the transition into entrepreneurshipColombatto, Enrico / Melnik, Arie
2007 FDA drug approvals: Time Is money!Sturm, Andreas / Dowling, Michael J. / Röder, Klaus
2007 Letter from the editor-in-chiefYoung, Allan
2007 Entrepreneurial stock brokering and switching costBooth, G. Geoffrey / Dalgic, Orkunt M. / Kallunki, Juha-Pekka / Sahlström, Petri
2007 An empirical analysis of the financial impact of supply chain management on small firmsBrau, James C. / Fawcett, Stanley E. / Morgan, Ladd
2007 Capital acquisition attitudes: Gender and experienceCarter, Richard B. / Van Auken, Howard
2007 Equity offerings by firms that emerged from bankruptcyJory, Surendranath / Madura, Jeff
2007 Small business financing: survey evidence in West TexasHe, Wei / Baker, H. Kent
2007 Tools to apply to financial statements to identify errors, omissions and fraud in business valuationsClevenger, Tom / Baker, Gary
2007 Letter from the editor-in-chiefYoung, Allan
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