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DateTitle Authors
2007 Mobile services in banking sector: The role of innovative business solutions in generating competitive advantageTiwari, Rajnish / Buse, Stephan / Herstatt, Cornelius
2007 Innovation via global route: Proposing a reference model for chances and challenges of global innovation processesTiwari, Rajnish / Buse, Stephan / Herstatt, Cornelius
2008 Technology market intermediaries to facilitate external technology exploitation: The case of IP auctionsTietze, Frank
2008 Integration of innovative users as source of service innovationsSkiba, Florian / Herstatt, Cornelius
2008 India's National Innovation System: Key elements and corporate perspectivesHerstatt, Cornelius / Tiwari, Rajnish / Buse, Stephan
2008 Enabling and sustaining collaborative innovationBlecker, Thorsten / Abdelkafi, Nizar / Raasch, Christina
2008 Open source innovation: Characteristics and applicability outside the software industryRaasch, Christina / Herstatt, Cornelius / Abdelkafi, Nizar
2009 Influence of government policies on industry development: The case of India's automotive industryRanawat, Mahipat / Tiwari, Rajnish
2009 The emergence of Indian multinationals: An empirical study of motives, status-quo and trends of Indian investments in GermanyTiwari, Rajnish / Herstatt, Cornelius
2009 How open is open source: Software and beyondBalka, Kerstin / Raasch, Christina / Herstatt, Cornelius
2009 Intermediaries and Innovation: Why they emerge and how they facilitate IP transactions on the markets for technologyTietze, Frank / Herstatt, Cornelius
2010 A typology of technology market intermediariesTietze, Frank
2011 Role of "Lead Market" factors in globalization of innovation: Emerging evidence from India & its implicationsTiwari, Rajnish / Herstatt, Cornelius
2011 What is green Innovation? A quantitative literature reviewSchiederig, Tim / Tietze, Frank / Herstatt, Cornelius
2011 Lead market factors for global innovation: Emerging evidence from IndiaTiwari, Rajnish / Herstatt, Cornelius
2011 "Silver" product design: Product innovation for older peopleHerstatt, Cornelius / Kohlbacher, Florian / Bauer, Patrick
2011 Firms' transition towards green product service system innovatorsTietze, Frank / Schiederig, Tim / Herstatt, Cornelius
2012 The emergence of care robotics: A publication and patent analysisGöldner, Moritz / Herstatt, Cornelius / Tietze, Frank / Rehder, Saskia
2012 India - a lead market for frugal innovations? Extending the lead market theory to emerging economiesTiwari, Rajnish / Herstatt, Cornelius
2012 Cross-divisional innovation in large, multi-divisional firms: Economic relevance and managerial actionsGrote, Markus / Herstatt, Cornelius / Gemünden, Hans-Georg
2012 Frugal innovations for the 'unserved' customer: An assessment of India's attractiveness as a lead Market for cost-effective productsTiwari, Rajnish / Herstatt, Cornelius
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