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DateTitle Authors
2015 Structural change in industrial output: China 1995-2010Albala-Bertrand, Jose-Miguel
2015 What do VARs tell us about the impact of a credit supply shock?Mumtaz, Haroon / Pinter, Gabor / Theodoridis, Konstantinos
2015 Mortgages and monetary policyGarriga, Carlos / Kydland, Finn E. / Ĺ ustek, Roman
2015 Common and country specific economic uncertaintyMumtaz, Haroon / Theodoridis, Konstantinos
2015 Modelling imperfect attentionManzini, Paola / Mariotti, Marco
2015 Competing for attention: Is the showiest also the best?Manzini, Paola / Mariotti, Marco
2015 Trust and racial income inequality: Evidence from the U.S.Tesei, Andrea
2015 Global economic divergence and portfolio capital flows to emerging marketsMandalinci, Zeyyad / Mumtaz, Haroon
2015 A new predictor of real economic activity: The S&P 500 option implied risk aversionSarantopoulou-Chiourea, Sylvia / Skiadopoulos, George
2015 In a small moment: Class size and moral hazard in the MezzogiornoAngrist, Joshua D. / Battistin, Erich / Vuri, Daniela
2015 Stochastic complementarityManzini, Paola / Mariotti, Marco / Ulkti, Levent
2015 Violence and birth outcomes: Evidence from homicides in BrazilFoureaux Koppensteiner, Martin / Manacorda, Marco
2015 Misallocation of talent in competitive labor marketsFerreira, Daniel / Nikolowa, Radoslawa
2015 Can helping the sick hurt the able? Incentives, information and disruption in a disability-related welfare reformBagaria, Nitika / Petrongolo, Barbara / Van Reenen, John
2015 Effects of monetary policy shocks on UK regional activity: A constrained MFVAR approachMandalinci, Zeyyad
2015 Quasi maximum likelihood estimation of spatial models with heterogeneous coefficientsAquaro, Michele / Bailey, Natalia / Pesaran, M. Hashem
2015 Cross-country co-movement in long-term interest rates: A DSGE approachChin, Michael / Filippeli, Thomai / Theodoridis, Konstantinos
2015 Gender gaps in performance: Evidence from young lawyersAzmat, Ghazala / Ferrer, Rosa
2015 Monetary Policy and Inequality in the UKMumtaz, Haroon / Theophilopoulou, Angeliki
2015 Roadblocks on the road to grandma's house: Fertility consequences of delayed retirementBattistin, Erich / De Nadai, Michele / Padula, Mario
2015 UK term structure decompositions at the zero lower boundCarriero, Andrea / Mouabbi, Sarah / Vangelista, Elisabetta
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