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DateTitle Authors
2012 The wage incentive to management: A comparison across European economiesBiagetti, Marco / Leonida, Leone / Scicchitano, Sergio
2012 A variance decomposition of index-linked bond returnsBreedon, Francis
2011 Education in a marriage market model without commitmentHyee, Raphaela
2011 Exchange rate policy in small rich economiesBreedon, Francis / Pétursson, Thórarinn G. / Rose, Andrew K.
2011 Inequality and employment sensitivities to the falling labour shareKaranassou, Marika / Sala, Hector
2011 Warrant economics, call-put policy options and the fallacies of economic theoryHatgioannides, John / Karanassou, Marika
2011 The NRU and the evolution of regional disparities in Spanish unemploymentBande, Roberto / Karanassou, Marika
2011 Block bootstrap and long memoryKapetanios, George / Papailias, Fotis
2011 Political motivations and electoral competition: Equilibrium analysis and experimental evidenceDrouvelis, Michalis / Saporiti, Alejandro / Vriend, Nicolaas J.
2011 A generalized endogenous grid method for non-concave problemsFella, Giulio
2011 Do marriage markets influence the divorce hazard?Hyee, Raphaela
2011 Improving real-time estimates of output gaps and inflation trends with multiple-vintage modelsClements, Michael P. / Galvão, Ana Beatriz
2010 Spanish regional unemployment revisited: The role of capital accumulationBande, Roberto / Karannassou, Marika
2010 Developing country business cycles: Characterising the cycleMale, Rachel
2010 Competition of e-commerce intermediariesMatros, Alexander / Zapechelnyuk, Andriy
2010 Econometric studies of business cycles in the history of econometricsQin, Duo
2010 On the impossibility of regret minimization in repeated gamesSchlag, Karl / Zapechelnyuk, Andriy
2010 Modelling of the inflation-unemployment tradeoff from the perspective of the history of econometricsQin, Duo
2010 Long-term nexus of industrial pollution and income in ChinaQin, Duo
2010 Business cycle persistence in developing countries: How successful is a DSGE model with a vertical production chain and sticky prices?Male, Rachel
2010 Teaching economics as a science: The 1930 Yale lectures of Ragnar FrischBjerkholt, Olav / Qin, Duo
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