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DateTitle Authors
2012 Mutual health insurance and its contribution to improving child health in RwandaBinagwaho, Agnes / Hartwig, Renate / Ingeri, Denyse / Makaka, Andrew
2012 Deeds rather than omissions: How intended consequences provoke negative reciprocitySchubert, Manuel
2012 On the costs of kindness: An experimental investigation of guilty minds and negative reciprocitySchubert, Manuel / Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2011 On the role of heuristics: Experimental evidence on inflation dynamicsGraf Lambsdorff, Johann / Schubert, Manuel / Giamattei, Marcus
2010 Deterrence and constrained enforcement: Alternative regimes to deal with briberyGraf Lambsdorff, Johann
2010 Who accepts bribery? Evidence from a global household surveyGraf Lambsdorff, Johann
2010 What we can and what we can't say about employment growth in specialised citiesFarhauer, Oliver / Kröll, Alexandra
2009 Die Shift-Share-Analyse als Instrument der Regional- und ClusterforschungFarhauer, Oliver / Kröll, Alexandra
2009 Verfahren zur Messung räumlicher Konzentration und regionaler Spezialisierung in der RegionalökonomikFarhauer, Oliver / Kröll, Alexandra
2008 Die Neue Ökonomische Geographie: Ein ÜberblickPflüger, Michael
2008 Kleine Klassen und gute Luft: Warum sind die Grundschulen auf dem Land besser?Birkenfeld, Florian
2008 The organization of anticorruption: Getting incentives right!Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2008 Wie zentral sind die Abschlussprüfungen an deutschen Schulen wirklich?Birkenfeld, Florian / Hanafy, Shima'a
2007 Eigenverantwortliche Individuen und Pro-Aktive UnternehmenHeblich, Stephan
2007 Das Keynesianische Konsensmodell einer offenen VolkswirtschaftEngelen, Christian / Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2007 Strategic aspects of voluntary disclosure programs for corruption offences: Towards a design of good practiceNell, Mathias
2007 Contracts induced by means of bribery: Should they be void or valid?Nell, Mathias
2007 Corrupt reciprocity: An experimentGraf Lambsdorff, Johann / Frank, Björn
2007 Fairness in sovereign debt restructuringEngelen, Christian / Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2006 Combating corruption in Colombia: Perceptions and achievementsGraf Lambsdorff, Johann / Fink, Hady
2006 There is no bank lending channel!Bajec, Luka / Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
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