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DateTitle Authors
2006 Banking reform in GeorgiaMercan, Metin
2006 The development of business sector in GeorgiaOzsoy, Ismail / Kubetova, Maya
2006 Banking system in Kyrgyz RepublicSagbansu, Lutfu
2006 The role in the international monetary systemKblitsetskhlashvili, Tea
2006 Macroeconomic policy: Going back to origins?Papiashvili, Tatiana / Çiloğlu, İllyas / Gürsoy, Faruk
2006 Classifications of social managementChakhnashvili, Malkhaz
2006 Managerial relations and the subjects: Executive governmentChakhnashvili, Malkhaz
2006 Georgia at a glance: Abakhazian and South Ossetian conflictSüslü, Zafer
2006 Foreign product perceptions and country of origin analysis across Black Sea: Studies on Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia and TurkeyApil, Ali Rýza
2006 Banking: Past and presentÖzsoy, Ismail / Sayfullin, Salavat
2008 The stabilizing role of fiscal policy: Theroretical background and empirical evidenceVladimirov, Vladimir / Neicheva, Maria
2008 Store choice in the Emerging Indian apparel retail market: An empirical analysisMittal, Amit / Mittal, Ruchi
2008 The formation of nation-state and cultural indentity: A Georgian perspectiveSurmanidze, Lali / Tsuladze, Lia
2008 Investment climate of GeorgiaGürsoy, Faruk / Kurşun, Olcay
2008 Open innovation across the prosperity gap: An essay on getting the Caucasus back into the European innovation societyRoth, Steffen
2008 Investment climate of Georgia after Rose Revolution: Recent improvements and new challengesKbiltsetskhlashvili, Tea
2008 Economic growth in Georgia: Historical perspectives and prognosisMilnikov, Alexander / Papiashvili, Tatiana / Rodonaia, Irakli
2008 One method of solution of an optimum investment portfolio problem for risky assetsMilnikov, Aleksander / Mamistvalov, Mikheil
2008 Development of the banking system in GeorgiaKbiltsetskhlashvili, Tea
2008 Monetary policy in transitional economies: ParticularitiesPapiashvili, Tatiana / Gürsoy, Faruk
2008 Political corruption in contemporary democracies: Newness, scale and varietiesRousseau, Richard
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