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DateTitle Authors
2010 Information and beliefs in a repeated normal-form gameFehr, Dietmar / Kübler, Dorothea / Danz, David
2010 A strategic mediator who is biased into the same direction as the expert can improve information transmissionMechtenberg, Lydia / Münster, Johannes
2010 Network effects, market structure and industry performanceAmir, Rabah / Lazzati, Natalia
2010 Experimental practices in economics: Performativity and the creation of phenomenaKübler, Dorothea
2010 Unwillingness to pay for privacy: A field experimentBeresford, Alastair R. / Kübler, Dorothea / Preibusch, Sören
2010 Exclusion in the all-pay auction: An experimental investigationFehr, Dietmar / Schmid, Julia
2010 Similarity and polarization in groupsBaccara, Mariagiovanna / Yariv, Leeat
2011 Manipulationsanreize im Gale-Shapley-Algorithmus: Ein LiteraturüberblickHüber, Frank
2011 Social identity and competitivenessDargnies, Marie-Pierre
2011 Men too sometimes shy away from competition: The case of team competitionDargnies, Marie-Pierre
2011 Hochschulzulassungen in Deutschland: Wem hilft die Reform durch das "Dialogorientierte Serviceverfahren"?Hüber, Frank / Kübler, Dorothea
2011 Legislative bargaining and the dynamics of public investmentBattaglini, Marco / Nunnari, Salvatore / Palfrey, Thomas
2012 Implementing quotas in university admissions: An experimental analysisBraun, Sebastian / Dwenger, Nadja / Kübler, Dorothea / Westkamp, Alexander
2012 On the (im)possibility of improving upon the student-proposing deferred acceptance mechanismKesten, Onur / Kurino, Morimitsu
2013 'I'll do it by myself as I knew it all along': On the failure of hindsight-biased principals to delegate optimallyDanz, David / Hüber, Frank / Kübler, Dorothea / Mechtenberg, Lydia / Schmid, Julia
2013 Preference for randomization: Empirical and experimental evidenceDwenger, Nadja / Kübler, Dorothea / Weizsäcker, Georg
2013 Hanging together or being hung separately: The strategic power of coalitions where bargaining occurs with incomplete informationKonrad, Kai A. / Cusack, Thomas R.
2013 An experimental study on the incentives of the probabilistic serial mechanismHugh-Jones, David / Kurino, Morimitsu / Vanberg, Christoph
2013 From Boston to Chinese parallel to deferred acceptance: Theory and experiments on a family of school choice mechanismsChen, Yan / Onur, Kesten
2013 Giving and sorting among friends: Evidence from a lab-in-the-field experimentBinzel, Christine / Fehr, Dietmar
2013 Willpower depletion and framing effectsde Haan, Thomas / van Veldhuizen, Roel
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