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DateTitle Authors
2015 Take your time to grow: A field experiment on the hiring of youths in GermanyKübler, Dorothea / Schmid, Julia
2015 The willingness to pay-willingness to accept gap: A failed replication of Plott and ZeilerFehr, Dietmar / Hakimov, Rustamdjan / Kübler, Dorothea
2015 A note on the welfare of a sophisticated time-inconsistent decision-makerKodritsch, Sebastian
2015 Efficient lottery designKesten, Onur / Kurino, Morimitsu / Nesterov, Alexander
2015 Equilibrium selection in similar repeated games: Experimental evidence on the role of precedentsDuffy, John / Fehr, Dietmar
2014 Fairness and efficiency in a random assignment: Three impossibility resultsNesterov, Alexander S.
2014 The equitable top trading cycles mechanism for school choiceHakimov, Rustamdjan / Kesten, Onur
2014 Does team competition increase pro-social lending? Evidence from online microfinanceChen, Roy / Chen, Yan / Liu, Yang / Mei, Qiaozhu
2014 College admissions with entrance exams: Centralized versus decentralizedHafalir, Isa E. / Hakimov, Rustamdjan / Kübler, Dorothea / Kurino, Morimitsu
2014 The curse of knowledge increases self-selection into competition: Experimental evidenceDanz, David
2014 Exclusion in the all-pay auction: An experimental investigationFehr, Dietmar / Schmid, Julia
2014 On time-inconsistency in bargainingKodritsch, Sebastian
2014 Peers at work: From the field to the labvan Veldhuizen, Roel / Oosterbeek, Hessel / Sonnemans, Joep
2014 Flipping a coin: Theory and evidenceDwenger, Nadja / Kübler, Dorothea / Weizsäcker, Georg
2014 Nonrenewable resources, strategic behavior and the hotelling rule: An experimentvan Veldhuizen, Roel / Sonnemans, Joep
2014 Monkey see, monkey do: Truth-telling in matching algorithms and the manipulation of othersGuillen, Pablo / Hakimov, Rustamdjan
2014 Second-best incentive compatible allocation rules for multiple-type indivisible objectsAnno, Hidekazu / Kurino, Morimitsu
2013 Political support in hard times: Do people care about national welfare?Friedrichsen, Jana / Zahn, Philipp
2013 Image concerns and the provision of qualityFriedrichsen, Jana
2013 The influence of wages on public officials' corruptibility: A laboratory investigationvan Veldhuizen, Roel
2013 The dark side of the vote: Biased voters, social information, and information aggregation through majority votingMorton, Rebecca B. / Piovesan, Marco / Tyran, Jean-Robert
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