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DateTitle Authors
2012 Trade integration and business tax differentials: Evidence from OECD countriesExbrayat, Nelly / Geys, Benny
2012 Citizen coproduction and efficient public good provision: Theory and evidence from local public librariesDe Witte, Kristof / Geys, Benny
2012 Public support for institutionalised solidarity: Europeans' reaction to the establishment of eurobondsDaniele, Gianmarco / Geys, Benny
2012 A survey of experimental research on contests, all-pay auctions and tournamentsDechenaux, Emmanuel / Kovenock, Dan / Sheremeta, Roman M.
2012 Borders as boundaries to fiscal policy interactions? An empirical analysis of politicians' opinions on rivals in the competition for firmsGeys, Benny / Osterloh, Steffen
2012 Public expenditures, educational outcomes and grade inflation: Theory and evidence from a policy intervention in the NetherlandsDe Witte, Kristof / Geys, Benny / Solondz, Catharina
2012 Party cues in elections under multilevel governance: Theory and evidence from US statesGeys, Benny / Vermeir, Jan
2012 Alliances in the shadow of conflictKe, Changxia / Konrad, Kai A. / Morath, Florian
2012 Delegation, accountability & legislator moonlighting: Agency problems in GermanyGeys, Benny / Mause, Karsten
2012 Contracted government: Unveiling the European Commission's contracted staffMurdoch, Zuzana / Trondal, Jarle
2012 Association membership and generalised trust: Are connections between associations losing their value?Geys, Benny
2012 Success and failure in electoral competition: Selective issue emphasis under incomplete issue ownershipGeys, Benny
2012 Public self-insurance and the Samaritan's dilemma in a federationLohse, Tim / Robledo, Julio R.
2011 Instrumental calculation, cognitive role-playing, or both? Self-perceptions of Seconded National Experts in the European CommissionMurdoch, Zuzana / Geys, Benny
2011 Election cycles in MPs' outside interests? The UK House of Commons, 2005-2010Geys, Benny
2011 Civic engagement and corruption in 20 European democraciesGrießhaber, Nicolas / Geys, Benny
2011 The lifeboat problemKonrad, Kai A. / Kovenock, Dan
2011 Strategic aspects of fighting in alliancesKonrad, Kai A.
2011 Customs compliance and the power of imaginationKonrad, Kai A. / Lohse, Tim / Qari, Salmai
2011 Aspirations of the middle class: Voting on redistribution and status concernsKonrad, Kai A. / Morath, Florian
2011 Moonlighting politicians: A survey and research agendaGeys, Benny / Mause, Karsten
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