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DateTitle Authors
2005 The ownership society: Social security is only the beginning ...Wray, L. Randall
2004 Asset poverty in the United States: Its persistence in an expansionary economyCaner, Asena / Wolff, Edward N.
2004 The Fed and the new monetary consensus: The Case for Rate Hikes, Part TwoWray, L. Randall
2004 The sustainability of economic recovery in the United States: The risks to consumption and investmentArestis, Philip / Karakitsos, Elias
2004 The Case for Rate Hikes: Did the Fed Prematurely Raise Rates?Wray, L. Randall
2004 The war on poverty after 40 years: A Minskyan assessmentBell, Stephanie A. / Wray, L. Randall
2003 What is the American model really about? Soft budgets and the Keynesian devolutionGalbraith, James K.
2003 Understanding deflation: Treating the disease, not the symptomsWray, L. Randall / Papadimitriou, Dimitri B.
2003 Asset and debt deflation in the United States: How far can equity prices fall?Arestis, Philip / Karakitsos, Elias
2003 Is financial globalization truly global? New institutions for an inclusive capital marketArestis, Philip / Basu, Santonu
2003 Can monetary policy affect the real economy? The dubious effectiveness of interest rate policyArestis, Philip / Sawyer, Malcolm
2002 Optimal CRA reform: Balancing government regulation and market forcesThomas, Kenneth H.
2002 Physician incentives in managed care organizations: Medical practice norms and the quality of careCooper, David J. / Rebitzer, James B.
2002 Should banks be narrowed? An evaluation of a plan to reduce financial instabilityBossone, Biagio
2001 The economic consequences of German unification: The impact of misguided macroeconomic policiesBibow, Jörg
2001 Campaign contributions, policy decisions, and election outcomes: A study of the effects of campaign finance reformMagee, Christopher
2001 Easy money through the back door: The markets vs. the ECBBibow, Jörg
2001 Racial wealth disparities: Is the gap closing?Wolff, Edward N.
2001 The future of the euro: Is there an alternative to the stability and growth pact?Arestis, Philip / McCauley, Kevin / Sawyer, Malcolm
2000 Is there a skills crisis? Trends in job skill requirements, technology, and wage inequality in the United StatesHandel, Michael J.
2000 Financing long-term care: Replacing a welfare model with an insurance modelCadette, Walter M.
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