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DateTitle Authors
1995 Narrow banking reconsidered: The functional approach to financial reformPhillips, Ronnie J.
1995 Cooperate to compete: Employee participation and productivity ; evidence from a new survey of Japanese firmsKato, Takao
1995 A critical imbalance in US trade: The US balance of payments, international indebtedness, and economic policyGodley, Wynne
1996 Targeting inflation: The effects of monetary policy on the CPI and its housing componentPapadimitriou, Dimitri B. / Wray, L. Randall
1996 Capital gains taxes and economic growth: Effects of a capital gains tax cut on the investment behavior of firmsFazzari, Steven M. / Herzon, Benjamin
1996 Revisiting Bretton woods: Proposals for reforming the international monetary institutionsMikesell, Raymond F.
1996 Making unemployment insurance work: Reforming unemployment insurance ; toward greater employmentLevin-Waldman, Oren M.
1996 Making work pay: Wage insurance for the working poorBluestone, Barry / Ghilarducci, Teresa
1997 Institutional failure and the American worker: The collapse of low-skill wagesHowell, David R.
1997 Reflecting the changing face of America: Multiracials, racial classification, and American intermarriagePerlmann, Joel
1997 Safeguarding Social Security: The challenge of financing the baby boom's retirementCadette, Walter M.
1997 What's missing from the capital gains debate? Real estate and capital gains taxationHudson, Michael / Feder, Kris
1997 Prescription for health care policy: The case for retargeting tax subsidies to health careCadette, Walter M.
1997 Who pays for disinflation? Disinflationary monetary policy and the distribution of incomeThorbecke, Willem
1997 Investment in innovation: Corporate governance and employment ; is prosperity sustainable in the United States?Lazonick, William / O'Sullivan, Mary
1997 A new path from welfare to work: The new welfare and the potential for workforce developmentLevin-Waldman, Oren M.
1997 Is there a trade-off between unemployment and inequality? No easy answers: Labor market problems in the United States versus EuropeBlank, Rebecca M.
1997 Dangerous metaphor: The fiction of the labor market ; unemployment, inflation, and the job structureGalbraith, James K.
1998 Regulating HMOs: An ethical framework for cost-effective medicineCadette, Walter M.
1998 Japanese corporate governance and strategy: Adapting to financial pressures for changeLazonick, William H.
1998 The Asian disease: Plausible diagnoses, possible remedies. Regulation of cross-border interbank lending and derivatives tradeMayer, Martin
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