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DateTitle Authors
1998 The Asian disease: Plausible diagnoses, possible remedies. Regulation of cross-border interbank lending and derivatives tradeMayer, Martin
1998 The unmeasured labor force: The growth in work hoursBluestone, Barry / Rose, Stephen
1998 Side effects of progress: How technological change increases the duration of unemploymentBaumol, William J. / Wolff, Edward N.
1998 Self-reliance and poverty: Net earnings capacity versus income for measuring povertyHaveman, Robert / Bershadker, Andrew
1998 Overcoming America's infrastructure deficit: A fiscally responsible plan for public capital investmentLevy, S. Jay / Cadette, Walter M.
1998 How big should the public capital stock be? The relationship between public capital and economic growthAschauer, David Alan
1998 Automatic adjustment of the minimum wage: Linking the minimum wage to productivityLevin-Waldman, Oren M.
1998 Did the Clinton rising tide raise all boats? Job opportunity for the less skilledPigeon, Marc-André / Wray, L. Randall
1998 Corporate governance in Germany: Productive and financial challengesO'Sullivan, Mary
1999 Full employment has not been achieved: Full employment policy ; theory and practicePapadimitriou, Dimitri B.
1999 Risk reduction in the new financial architecture: Realities and fallacies in international financial reformMayer, Martin
1999 A new approach to tax-exempt bonds: Infrastructure financing with the AGIS bondRegan, Edward V.
1999 Government spending in a growing economy: Fiscal policy and growth cyclesMoudud, Jamee K.
1999 Do institutions affect the wage structure? Right-to-work laws, unionization, and the minimum wageLevin-Waldman, Oren M.
1999 Public employment and economic flexibility: The job opportunity approach to full employmentForstater, Mathew
1999 Does social security need saving? Providing for retirees throughout the twenty-first centuryPapadimitriou, Dimitri B. / Wray, L. Randall
1999 Down and out in the United States: An inside look at the out of the labor force populationPigeon, Marc-André / Wray, L. Randall
1999 Small business and welfare reform: Levy Institute Survey of hiring and employment practicesLevin-Waldman, Oren M.
2000 A dual mandate for the federal reserve: The pursuit of price stability and full employmentThorbecke, Willem
2000 Whither the welfare state? The macroeconomics of social policyMoudud, Jamee K. / Zacharias, Ajit
2000 Financing long-term care: Replacing a welfare model with an insurance modelCadette, Walter M.
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