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DateTitle Authors
1992 An economic assessment: Contained depression or the foothills of recovery?
1992 Restructuring the financial structure
1993 Immigration policy: A tool of labor economics? - Immigration and the US labor market: Public policy gone awryBriggs, Vernon M.
1993 The investment-finance link: Investment and US fiscal policy in the 1990sFazzari, Steven M.
1993 Financing prosperity in the next century - The changing world of banking: Setting the regulatory agendaBarth, James R. / Brumbaugh, R. Dan
1993 Public infrastructure investment: A bridge to productivity growth?
1993 Job-lock: An impediment to labor mobility? Is health insurance crippling the labor market?Holtz-Eakin, Douglas
1993 A path to community development: The community reinvestment act, lending discrimination, and the role of community development banksPapadimitriou, Dimitri B. / Phillips, Ronnie J. / Wray, L. Randall
1993 Community development banking: A proposal to establish a nationwide system of community development banksMinsky, Hyman P. / Papadimitriou, Dimitri B. / Phillips, Ronnie J. / Wray, L. Randall
1993 The limits of prudential supervision: Reorganizing the federal bank regulatory agenciesShull, Bernard
1994 An alternative in small business finance: Community-based factoring companies and small business lendingPapadimitriou, Dimitri B. / Phillips, Ronnie J. / Wray, L. Randall
1994 Investment tax credit reconsidered: Business tax incentives and investmentsKarier, Thomas
1994 A path to good jobs? Unemployment and low wages: The distribution of opportunity for young unskilled workersHutchens, Robert M.
1994 Infrastructure investment for tomorrow: A financing plan to eliminate the deferred maintenance on the nation's roadsRegan, Edward V.
1994 Linking public capital to economic performance - Public capital: The missing link between investment and economic growthErenburg, Sharon J.
1994 Monetary policy uncovered - Flying blind: The federal reserve's experiment with unobservablesPapadimitriou, Dimitri B. / Wray, L. Randall
1995 Closing the R&D gap: Evaluating the sources of R&D spendingKarier, Thomas
1995 The economics of aging: Can we afford grandma and grandpa?Levy, S. Jay
1995 The consolidated assistance program: Reforming welfare by synchronizing public assistance benefitsLevin-Waldman, Oren M.
1995 Assessing the constitutional route to federal budget balance - The balanced budget amendment: Toxic, not tonicWhalen, Charles J.
1995 Narrow banking reconsidered: The functional approach to financial reformPhillips, Ronnie J.
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