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DateTitle Authors
2011 A new fiscal pact, tax policy changes and income inequality: Latin America during the last decadeCornia, Giovanni Andrea / Gómez-Sabaini, Juan Carlos / Martorano, Bruno
2011 Security of property rights for whom?Lawson-Remer, Terra
2011 Institutional reforms debate and FDI flows to MENA region: Does one 'best' fit all?Mina, Wasseem Michel
2011 Terms of trade and growth of resource economies: A tale of two countriesFosu, Augustin Kwasi
2011 Emerging patterns of manufacturing structural changeHaraguchi, Nobuya / Rezonja, Gorazd
2011 Explaining poverty evolution: The case of MozambiqueArndt, Channing / Hussain, M. Azhar / Jones, E. Samuel / Nhate, Virgulino / Tarp, Finn
2011 Irregular urbanization as a catalyst for radical social mobilization: The case of the housing movements of São PauloEarle, Lucy
2011 Can industrial policy work under neopatrimonial rule?Altenburg, Tilman
2011 Indonesian industrialization: A latecomer adjusting to crisesAswicahyono, Haryo / Hill, Hal / Narjoko, Dionisius
2011 Growth and recovery in a time of default: Lessons from the role of the urban sector in ArgentinaCohen, Michael
2011 Migration and inheritance practices in the Bolivian AltiplanoMichels, Anne
2011 Transformation of the family under rising land pressure: A theoretical essayGuirkinger, Catherine / Platteau, Jean-Philippe
2011 Outfits: Narrowly tailored laws that harm instead of help ; a case study of Liberia's telecommunication lawsde la Cruz Gitau, Rosalia
2011 Climate and industrial policy in an asymmetric worldGries, Thomas
2011 Is internal migration bad for receiving urban centres? Evidence from Brazil, 1995-2000Ferré, Céline
2011 Globalization crises, trade, and development in VietnamAbbott, Philip / Tarp, Finn
2011 Rethinking the world of aid in the twenty first centuryHeller, Peter S.
2011 On the distributional implications of social protection reforms in Latin AmericaBarrientos, Armando
2011 Political connections and investment in rural VietnamMarkussen, Thomas / Tarp, Finn
2011 Learning from Asia's success beyond simplistic 'lesson-making'Hobday, Mike
2011 The long-run impact of foreign aid in 36 African countries: Insights from multivariate time series analysisJuselius, Katarina / Framroze Møller, Niels / Tarp, Finn
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