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DateTitle Authors
2010 Passage, profit, protection and the challenge of participationLandau, Loren B.
2010 Building sustainable historic centres: A comparative approach for innovative urban projectsRabinovich, Adriana / Catenazzi, Andrea
2010 The fruit of the vine? An augmented endowments-inequality hypothesis and the rise of an elite in the Cape ColonyFourie, Johan / von Fintel, Dieter
2010 Transition in Southeast Europe: Understanding economic development and institutional changeUvalic, Milica
2010 Property rights and elitesAmsden, Alice H.
2010 Entrepreneurship, structural change and a global economic crisisGries, Thomas / Naudé, Wim
2010 The long road to normalcy: Where Russia now standsPopov, Vladimir
2010 Another mere addition paradox? Some reflections on variable population poverty measurementHassoun, Nicole
2010 Sector, globalization and urban economic growth: Evidence from Bangalore (India)Narayana, M. R.
2010 Twenty years later and the socialist heritage is still kicking: The case of RussiaOfer, Gur
2010 Moderating urbanization and managing growth: How can Colombo prevent the emerging chaos?Dayaratne, Ranjith
2010 Urban violence is not (necessarily) a way of life: Towards a political economy of conflict in citiesRodgers, Dennis
2010 The allocation of entrepreneurial talent and destructive entrepreneurshipSanders, Mark / Weitzel, Utz
2010 Country role models: Synthesis of Ireland, Japan and SwitzerlandFindlay, Ronald
2010 A model of destructive entrepreneurshipDesai, Sameeksha / Acs, Zoltan / Weitzel, Utz
2010 The simple analytics of elite behaviour under limited state capacityBourguignon, Fran&#x04ab / ois / Verdier, Thierry
2010 Poverty in the eyes of Brazilian elitesReis, Elisa P.
2010 Industrial policy: Old and new issuesNaudé, Wim
2010 Is there such a thing as a post-apartheid city?Freund, Bill
2010 Energy consumption and carbon emission-based productivity change and industrialization in post-reform ChinaChen, Shiyi / Santos-Paulino, Amelia U.
2010 Aid, growth, and development: Have we come full circle?Arndt, Channing / Jones, Sam / Tarp, Finn
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