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DateTitle Authors
2010 The Nordic development and growth models: The riddle is still there but we may be a little bit wiserVartiainen, Juhana
2010 Transfers and development: Easy come, easy go?Christiaensen, Luc / Pan, Lei
2010 How production firms adapt to war: The case of LiberiaMcDougal, Topher L.
2010 Concepts and operationalization of pro-poor growthNegre, Mario
2010 Foundations of minority communities: Resident Koreans in JapanRands, David
2010 A Phoenix in flames? Portfolio choice and violence in civil war in rural BurundiNillesen, Eleonora / Verwimp, Philip
2010 Globalizing Shanghai: International migration and the global cityShen, Wei
2010 Dar es Salaam as a 'harbour of peace' in East Africa: Tracing the role of creolized urban ethnicity in nation-state formationBryceson, Deborah Fahy
2010 Conflict and entrepreneurial activity in Afghanistan: Findings from the national risk vulnerability assessment dataCiarli, Tommaso / Parto, Saeed / Savona, Maria
2010 Mutual interdependence between elites and the poorKalebe-Nyamongo, Chipiliro
2010 Identity and space on the borderland between old and new in Shanghai: A case studyIossifova, Deljana
2010 Violent urbanization and homogenization of space and place: Reconstructing the story of sectarian violence in BeirutYassin, Nasser
2010 Urban development transitions and their implications for poverty reduction and policy planning in UgandaMukwaya, Paul Isolo / Sengendo, Hannington / Lwasa, Shuaib
2010 Importance of technological innovation for SME growth: Evidence from IndiaSubrahmanya, M. H. Bala / Mathirajan, M. / Krishnaswamy, K. N.
2010 The excluded poor: How targeting has left out the poor in peripheral cities in the PhilippinesCanares, Michael P.
2010 Health and the urban transition: Effects of household perceptions, illness, and environmental pollution on clean water investmentSpencer, James H.
2010 Infrastructure and poverty reduction: Implications for urban development in NigeriaOgun, T. P.
2010 The long-run weight of communism or the weight of long-run history?Roland, GĂ©rard
2010 Development strategies: Lessons from the experiences of South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and VietnamKhan, Haider A.
2010 When unstable, growth is less pro-poorGuillaumont, Patrick / Korachais, Catherine
2010 Lessons from post-colonial Malaysian economic developmentS., Jomo K. / Hui, Wee Chong
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