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DateTitle Authors
2011 Efficiency of commercial banks in sub-Saharan Africa: A comparative analysis of domestic and foreign banksKiyota, Hiroyuki
2011 Rethinking China's path of industrializationWu, Harry X.
2011 Adaptation advantage to climate change impacts on road infrastructure in Africa through 2100Chinowsky, Paul / Schweikert, Amy / Strzepek, Niko / Manahan, Kyle / Strzepek, Kenneth
2011 Climate change, agriculture, and food security in TanzaniaArndt, Channing / Farmer, Will / Strzepek, Ken / Thurlow, James
2011 The political participation of Africa's youth: Turnout, partisanship, and protestResnick, Danielle / Casale, Daniela
2011 Industry switching in developing countriesNewman, Carol / Rand, John / Tarp, Finn
2011 Determinants of industrial embeddedness: Evidence from African manufacturing firmsNa-Allah, Abdelrasaq
2011 Separate but equal democratization? Participation, politics, and urban segregation in Latin AmericaRodgers, Dennis
2011 Latin American urban development into the 21st century: Towards a renewed perspective on the cityRodgers, Dennis / Beall, Jo / Kanbur, Ravi
2011 Innovative delivery mechanisms for increased aid budgets: Lessons from a new Australian aid PartnershipClarke, Matthew
2011 Socio-spatial implications of street market regulation policy: The case of Ferias Libres in Santiago de ChileAliaga Linares, Lissette
2011 The long-run behaviour of the terms of trade between primary commodities and manufactures: A panel data approachOtero, Jesús / Iregui, Ana María
2011 Climate change compounding risks in North AfricaDrine, Imed
2011 Halving poverty in South Africa: Growth and distributional aspects ; distributional implications of halving poverty in South AfricaTregenna, Fiona
2011 Challenges for Latin American cities: Improving diagnosis or the need to shift the understanding urban inequality from fixed enclaves to mobile gradientsJirón, Paola
2011 The impact of foreign direct investment on developing countries' terms of tradeWacker, Konstantin M.
2011 Foreign assistance in a climate-constrained worldArndt, Channing / Bach, Christian Friis
2011 Reputation, policy risk, and land use: A study of China's Grain for Green programmeZheng, Haochi / Glewwe, Paul / Polasky, Stephen / Xu, Jintao
2011 Public-private co-operation for gas provision in poor neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires: Impact on housing improvements and healthGoytia, Cynthia / Pasquini, Ricardo / Sanguinetti, Pablo
2011 How does colonial origin matter for economic performance in sub-Saharan Africa?Agbor, Julius A.
2011 Local government, taxes, and guns: Successful policy innovation in three Colombian citiesGutiérrez S., Francisco / Gutiérrez, María Teresa / Guzmán, Tania / Arenas, Juan Carlos / Pinto, María Teresa
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