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DateTitle Authors
2010 Passage, profit, protection and the challenge of participationLandau, Loren B.
2010 Twenty years of political transitionTreisman, Daniel
2010 The global financial crisis and development: Whither Africa?Fosu, Augustin Kwasi
2010 The gendered nature of asset accumulation in urban contexts: Longitudinal results from Guayaquil, EcuadorMoser, Caroline / Felton, Andrew
2010 Misuse of institutions: Lessons from TransitionPolishchuk, Leonid
2010 Toward efficient urban form in ChinaWebster, Douglas / Bertaud, Alain / Jianming, Cai / Zhenshan, Yang
2010 Central Asia after two decades of independencePomfret, Richard
2010 Urban myths and the mis-use of data that underpin themSatterthwaite, David
2010 European transition at twenty: Assessing progress in countries and sectorsBerglöf, Erik / Bruynooghe, Lise / Harmgart, Heike / Sanfey, Peter / Schweiger, Helena
2010 The reliability of small area estimation prediction methods to track povertyChristiaensen, Luc / Lanjouw, Peter / Luoto, Jill / Stifel, David
2010 Gender implications of biofuels expansion: A CGE analysis for MozambiqueArndt, Channing / Benfica, Rui / Thurlow, James
2010 The Swedish modelKokko, Ari
2010 The travails of unification: East Germany's economic transition since 1989Maier, Charles S.
2010 Inequality, income and poverty: Comparative global evidenceFosu, Augustin Kwasi
2010 Economic development strategies in the Dominican RepublicPozo, Susan / Sánchez-Fung, José R. / Santos-Paulino, Amelia U.
2010 On some problems of variable population poverty comparisonsHassoun, Nicole / Subramanian, S.
2010 Globalization and exclusionary urban growth in Asian countriesKundu, Amitabh / Kundu, Debolina
2010 Empirical issues in lifetime poverty measurementHoy, Michael / Thompson, Brennan Scott / Zheng, Buhong
2010 Between past and future of Latin America: Lessons from Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and the Dominican RepublicCardoso, Eliana
2010 Impact of the global commodity and financial crises on poverty in VietnamThurlow, James / Tarp, Finn / McCoy, Simon / Manh Hai, Nguyen / Breisinger, Clemens
2010 Lessons from post-colonial Malaysian economic developmentS., Jomo K. / Hui, Wee Chong
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