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DateTitle Authors
2015 Disadvantage and discrimination in self-employment: Caste gaps in earnings in Indian small businessesDeshpande, Ashwini / Sharma, Smriti
2015 State-business relations as drivers of economic performanceLemma, Alberto / te Velde, Dirk Willem
2015 Does food insecurity impact subjective evaluation of well-being? Evidence from a developing countryAkpalu, Wisdom / Christian, Aaron K. / Codjoe, Samuel Nii Ardey
2015 Structural transformation, biased technological change, and employment in VietnamAbbott, Philip Chase / Tarp, Finn / Wu, Ce
2015 The growth-employment-poverty nexus in Latin America in the 2000s: Brazil country studyCruces, Guillermo / Fields, Gary / Jaume, David / Viollaz, Mariana
2015 Measuring the labour income share of developing countries: Learning from social accounting matricesTrapp, Katharina
2015 Capital account liberalization and managementOcampo, José Antonio
2015 Inequality of opportunity during the great recession in UgandaBrunori, Paolo / Palmisanoy, Flaviana / Peraginez, Vito
2015 An uncertainty approach to modelling climate change risk in South AfricaCullis, James / Alton, Theresa / Arndt, Channing / Cartwright, Anton / Chang, Alice / Gabriel, Sherwin / Gebretsadik, Yohannes / Hartley, Faaiqa / de Jager, Gerald / Makrelov, Konstantin / Robertson, Gordon / Schlosser, C. Adam / Strzepek, Kenneth / Thurlow, James
2015 The elasticity of substitution and labour-displacing technical change in post-apartheid South AfricaKreuser, Friedrich / Burger, Rulof / Rankin, Neil
2015 The UTIP global inequality datasets: 1963-2008Galbraith, James K. / Halbach, Béatrice / Malinowska, Aleksandra / Shams, Amin / Zhang, Wenjie
2015 Resolution of balance of payments crises: Emergency financing and debt workoutsOcampo, José Antonio
2015 Needs vs expediency: Poverty reduction and social development in post-conflict countriesAddison, Tony / Gisselquist, Rachel / Niño-Zarazúa, Miguel / Singhal, Saurabh
2015 The growth-employment-poverty nexus in Latin America in the 2000s: Honduras country studyCruces, Guillermo / Fields, Gary / Jaume, David / Viollaz, Mariana
2015 Social and political capital in rural Viet NamMarkussen, Thomas
2015 Income inequality in Latin America: Recent decline and prospects for its further reductionCornia, Giovanni Andrea
2015 Income and price elasticities of demand in South Africa: An application of the linear expenditure systemBurger, Rulof / Coetzee, Wicus / Kreuser, Friedrich / Rankin, Neil
2015 Growth and inequality in the distribution of India's consumption expenditure 1983 to 2009-10Subramanian, S. / Jayaraj, D.
2015 Gender and distributional preferences: Experimental evidence from IndiaSharma, Smriti
2015 Private returns to education for wage-employees and the self-employed in UgandaKavuma, Susan Namirembe / Morrissey, Oliver / Upward, Richard
2015 The impact of food price volatility on consumer welfare in CameroonKane, Gilles Quentin / Mabah Tene, Gwladys Laure / Ambagna, Jean Joël / Piot-Lepetit, Isabelle / Sikod, Fondo
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