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DateTitle Authors
2011 Inventories, markups and real rigidities in sticky price models of the Canadian economyKryvtsov, Oleksiy / Midrigan, Virgiliu
2011 The impact of the global business cycle on small open economies: A FAVAR approach for CanadaVasishtha, Garima / Maier, Philipp
2011 Real-financial linkages in the Canadian economy: An input-output approachLeung, Danny / Secrieru, Oana
2011 Measuring systemic importance of financial institutions: An extreme value theory approachGravelle, Toni / Li, Fuchun
2011 Money and costly creditDong, Mei
2011 The role of time-varying price elasticities in accounting for volatility changes in the crude oil MarketBaumeister, Christiane / Peersman, Gert
2011 Mixed frequency forecasts for Chinese GDPMaier, Philipp
2011 Real-time forecasts of the real price of oilBaumeister, Christiane / Kilian, Lutz
2011 Building new plants or entering by acquisition? Estimation of an entry model for the U.S. cement industryPerez-Saiz, Hector
2010 Labour reallocation, relative prices and productivityCao, Shutao / Leung, Danny
2010 Semi-structural models for inflation forecastingKichian, Maral / Rumler, Fabio / Corrigan, Paul
2010 A model of housing stock for CanadaDupuis, David / Zheng, Yi
2010 Inflation and unemployment in competitive search equilibriumDong, Mei
2010 Lean' versus 'rich' data sets: Forecasting during the great moderation and the great recessionLombardi, Marco J. / Maier, Philipp
2010 The role of expenditure switching in the global imbalance adjustmentDong, Wei
2010 Capital requirement and financial frictions in banking: Macroeconomic implicationsDib, Ali
2010 Macroprudential regulation and systemic capital requirementsGauthier, Céline / Lehar, Alfred / Souissi, Moez
2010 What drives exchange rates? New evidence from a panel of US dollar bilateral exchange ratesCayen, Jean-Philippe / Coletti, Donald / Lalonde, René / Maier, Philipp
2010 Alternative optimized monetary policy rules in multi-sector small open economiesDe Resende, Carlos / Dib, Ali / Kichian, Maral
2010 The impact of liquidity on bank profitabilityBordeleau, Etienne / Graham, Christopher
2010 Central bank haircut policyChapman, James / Chiu, Jonathan / Molico, Miguel
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