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DateTitle Authors
2011 Inventories, markups and real rigidities in sticky price models of the Canadian economyKryvtsov, Oleksiy / Midrigan, Virgiliu
2011 Security transaction taxes and market qualityPomeranets, Anna / G. Weaver, Daniel
2011 Money and price posting under private informationDong, Mei / Jiang, Janet Hua
2011 Financial factors and labour market fluctuationsZhang, Yahong
2011 Innovation and growth with financial, and other, frictionsChiu, Jonathan / Meh, Césaire / Wright, Randall
2011 How do you pay? The role of incentives at the point-of-saleArango, Carlos / Huynh, Kim P. / Sabetti, Leonard
2011 Bank loans for private and public firms in a credit crunchAllen, Jason / Paligorova, Teodora
2011 Belief dispersion and order submission strategies in the foreign exchange marketLo, Ingrid / Sapp, Stephen
2011 Fixed-term and permanent employment contracts: Theory and evidenceCao, Shutao / Shao, Enchuan / Silos, Pedro
2011 Portfolio considerations in differentiated product purchases: An application to the Japanese automobile marketWakamori, Naoki
2011 Forecasting the price of oilAlquist, Ron / Kilian, Lutz / Vigfusson, Robert J.
2011 Counterfeit quality and verification in a monetary exchangeFung, Ben S. C. / Shao, Enchuan
2011 Discounting in mortgage marketsAllen, Jason / Clark, Robert / Houde, Jean-François
2011 Effectiveness of capital controls in India: Evidence from the offshore NDF marketHutchison, Michael / Pasricha, Gurnain Kaur / Singh, Nirvikar
2011 A stochastic volatility model with conditional skewnessFeunou, Bruno / Tédongap, Roméo
2011 Private information flow and price discovery in the U.S. treasury marketJiang, George J. / Lo, Ingrid
2011 Determinants of financial stress and recovery during the great recessionAizenman, Joshua / Pasricha, Gurnain Kaur
2011 Sovereign default risk premia, fiscal limits and fiscal policyBi, Huixin
2011 Price-level targeting and inflation expectations: Experimental evidenceAmano, Rober / Engle-Warnick, Jim / Shukayev, Malik
2011 The private equity premium puzzle revisitedKartashova, Katya
2011 Analyzing default risk and liquidity demand during a financial crisis: The case of CanadaAllen, Jason / Hortaçsu, Ali / Kastl, Jakub
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