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DateTitle Authors
2010 The propagation of U.S. shocks to Canada: Understanding the role of real-financial linkagesBeaton, Kimberly / Lalonde, René / Snudden, Stephen
2010 On the advantages of disaggregated data: Insights from forecasting the US economy in a data-rich environmentPerevalov, Nikita / Maier, Philipp
2010 Exchange rate fluctuations, plant turnover and productivityTomlin, Ben
2010 Price level targetingShukayev, Malik / Ueberfeldt, Alexander
2010 Text mining and the information content of Bank of Canada communicationsHendry, Scott / Madeley, Alison
2010 Adverse selection, liquidity, and market breakdownKirabaeva, Koralai
2010 Search frictions and asset price volatilityRavikumar, B. / Shao, Enchuan
2010 Financial stress, monetary policy, and economic activityLi, Fuchun / St-Amant, Pierre
2010 International capital flows and bond risk premiaSierra, Jesus
2010 Identifying asymmetric comovements of international stock market returnsLi, Fuchun
2010 Corporate risk taking and ownership structurePaligorova, Teodora
2010 Stability versus flexibility: The role of temporary employment in labour adjustmentCao, Shutao / Leung, Danny
2010 Composition of international capital flows: A surveyKirabaeva, Koralai / Razin, Assaf
2010 An assessment of the Bank of Canada's term PRA facilityEnenajor, Emanuella / Sebastian, Alex / Witmer, Jonathan
2010 Banks, credit market frictions, and business cyclesDib, Ali
2010 Trends in U.S. hours and the labor wedgeCociuba, Simona E. / Ueberfeldt, Alexander
2010 Leverage, balance sheet size and wholesale fundingDamar, H. Evren / Meh, Césaire A. / Terajima, Yaz
2010 Liquidity transformation and bank capital requirementsTomura, Hajime
2010 Understanding systemic risk: The trade-offs between capital, short-term funding and liquid asset holdingsGauthier, Céline / He, Zhongfang / Souissi, Moez
2010 Assembling a real-financial micro-dataset for Canadian householdsFaruqui, Umar
2010 Central bank haircut policyChapman, James / Chiu, Jonathan / Molico, Miguel
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