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DateTitle Authors
2014 Bond risk premia and Gaussian term structure modelsFeunou, Bruno / Fontaine, Jean-Sébastien
2014 Uncertain costs and vertical differentiation in an insurance duopolyRaykov, Radoslav S.
2014 Information, amplification and financial crisisAhnert, Toni / Kakhbod, Ali
2014 Real-time nowcasting of nominal GDP under structural breaksBarnett, William A. / Chauvet, Marcelle / Leiva-Leon, Danilo
2014 Rollover risk, liquidity and macroprudential regulationAhnert, Toni
2014 A new approach to infer changes in the synchronization of business cycle phasesLeiva-Leon, Danilo
2014 Global inflation dynamics in the post-crisis period: What explains the twin puzzle?Friedrich, Christian
2014 Improving public equity markets? No pain, no GainKartashova, Katya
2014 Filling in the blanks: Network structure and interbank contagionAnand, Kartik / Craig, Ben / Von Peter, Goetz
2014 Predicting financial stress events: A signal extraction approachChristensen, Ian / Li, Fuchun
2014 Commodity price co-movement and global economic activityAlquist, Ron / Coibion, Olivier
2014 E-money: Efficiency, stability and optimal policyChiu, Jonathan / Wong, Tsz-Nga
2014 Monetary policy transmission during financial crises: An empirical analysisDahlhaus, Tatjana
2014 Consumer cash usage: A cross-country comparison with payment diary survey dataBagnall, John / Bounie, David / Huynh, Kim P. / Kosse, Anneke / Schmidt, Tobias / Schuh, Scott / Stix, Helmut
2014 Consumer attitudes and the epidemiology of inflation expectationsEhrmann, Michael / Pfajfar, Damjan / Santoro, Emiliano
2014 Understanding the cash demand puzzleJiang, Janet Hua / Shao, Enchuan
2014 Optimal margining and margin relief in centrally cleared derivatives marketsRaykov, Radoslav S.
2014 Multiple fixed effects in binary response panel data modelsCharbonneau, Karyne B.
2014 Sheep in wolf's clothing: Using the least squares criterion for quantile estimationChen, Heng
2014 Interest on cash, fundamental value process and bubble formation on experimental asset marketsGiusti, Giovanni / Jiang, Janet Hua / Xu, Yiping
2014 Do high-frequency financial data help forecast oil prices? The MIDAS touch at workBaumeister, Christiane / Guérin, Pierre / Kilian, Lutz
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