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DateTitle Authors
2009 Market-based approaches to environmental management: A review of lessons from payment for environmental services in AsiaAdhikari, Bhim
2009 The People's Republic of China- Japan- United States integration amid global rebalancing: A computable general equilibrium analysisKawai, Masahiro / Zhai, Fan
2009 PRC-Latin America economic cooperation: Going beyond resource and manufacturing complementarityKawai, Masahiro / Zhai, Fan
2009 The global economic crisis: Impact on India and policy responsesKumar, Rajiv / Vashisht, Pankaj
2009 Patterns of inclusive growth in developing Asia: Insights from an enhanced growth-poverty elasticity analysisHabito, Cielito F.
2009 Intra-regional trade in East Asia: The decoupling fallacy, crisis, and policy challengesAthukorala, Prema-chandra / Kohpaiboon, Archanun
2009 Asia in global governance: A case for decentralized institutionsKawai, Masahiro / Petri, Peter A. / Sisli-Ciamarra, Elif
2009 Lessons of the crisis for emerging marketsEichengreen, Barry
2009 Fiscal policy in the crisis: Impact, sustainability, and long-term implicationsPadoan, Pier Carlo
2009 An empirical analysis of East Asian computer exportsThorbecke, Willem
2009 Imperatives of regional economic integration in Asia in the context of developmental asymmetries: Some policy suggestionsDas, Ram Upendra
2009 Global determinants of stress and risk in public-private partnerships (PPP) in infrastructureReside, Renato E.
2009 Impacts of free trade agreements on business activity in Asia: The case of JapanHirastuka, Daisuke / Sato, Hitoshi / Isono, Ikumo
2009 Restoring the Asian Silk Route: Toward an integrated AsiaBhattacharyay, Biswa N. / De, Prabir
2009 Origin and beyond: Trade facilitation disaster or trade facilitation opportunity?Staples, Brian Rankin / Harris, Jeremy
2009 Malaysia and the global crisis: Impact, response, rebalancing strategiesNambiar, Shankaran
2009 Payment systems in Malaysia: Recent developments and issuesBasir, Amir Akmar
2009 Demographic changes and pension reform in the Republic of KoreaMoon, Hyungpyo
2009 Decomposing PRC - Japan - US trade: Vertical specialization, ownership, and organizational formDean, Judith M. / Lovely, Mary E. / Mora, Jesse
2009 The impact of free trade agreements (FTAs) on business in the Republic of KoreaCheong, Inkyo / Cho, Jungran
2009 Agricultural impact of climate change: A general equilibrium analysis with special reference to Southeast AsiaZhai, Fan / Zhuang, Juzhong
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