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DateTitle Authors
2015 Financial inclusion, education, and regulation in the PhilippinesLlanto, Gilberto M.
2015 Who gains more from which infrastructure in rural People's Republic of China?Wan, Guanghua / Zhang, Xun
2015 Oil price fluctuations and oil consuming sectors: An empirical analysis of JapanTaghizadeh-Hesary, Farhad / Rasolinezhad, Ehsan / Kobayashi, Yoshikazu
2015 Income polarization in the People's Republic of China: Trends and changesWan, Guanghua / Wang, Chen
2015 Financial inclusion, financial regulation, and financial education in ThailandTambunlertchai, Kanittha
2015 SME credit risk analysis using bank lending data: An analysis of Thai SMEsYoshino, Naoyuki / Taghizadeh-Hesary, Farhad / Charoensivakorn, Phadet / Niraula, Baburam
2015 Financial inclusion, financial education, and financial regulation: A story from IndonesiaTambunan, Tulus
2015 Comparison of static and dynamic analyses on exchange rate regimes in East AsiaYoshino, Naoyuki / Kaji, Sahoko / Asonuma, Tamon
2015 Financial education in Asia: Assessment and recommendationsYoshino, Naoyuki / Morgan, Peter J. / Wignaraja, Ganeshan
2015 Impacts of universal health coverage: A micro-founded macroeconomic perspectiveHuang, Xianguo / Yoshino, Naoyuki
2015 Optimal fiscal policy rule for achieving fiscal sustainability: A Japanese case studyYoshino, Naoyuki / Mizoguchi, Tetsuro / Taghizadeh-Hesary, Farhad
2015 The response of macro variables of emerging and developed oil importers to oil price movementsTaghizadeh-Hesary, Farhad / Yoshino, Naoyuki / Hossein Abadi, Majid Mohammadi / Farboudmanesh, Rosa
2015 Financial inclusion, regulation, and education in GermanyNeuberger, Doris
2015 Loan-to-value policy as a macroprudential tool: The case of residential mortgage loans in AsiaMorgan, Peter J. / Regis, Paulo José / Salike, Nimesh
2015 Hard pegs versus intermediate currency arrangements in the PacificHelble, Matthias / Prasetyo, Ahmad / Yoshino, Naoyuki
2015 Health and home ownership: Findings for the case of JapanAizawa, Toshiaki / Helble, Matthias
2015 Housing policies for Asia: A theoretical analysis by use of a demand and supply modelYoshino, Naoyuki / Helble, Matthias / Aizawa, Toshiaki
2015 From the Chiang Mai Initiative to an Asian Monetary FundKawai, Masahiro
2015 Investment finance and financial sector developmentRay, Shubhomoy
2015 Japan's lost decade: Lessons for other economiesYoshino, Naoyuki / Taghizadeh-Hesary, Farhad
2015 Regional economic integration and multilateralism: The case of the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA and the Malaysia-New Zealand FTAVitalis, Vangelis
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