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DateTitle Authors
2005 Post-Tsunami recovery: Issues and challenges in Sri LankaJayasuriya, Sisira / Steele, Paul / Weerakoon, Dushni
2005 Poverty, vulnerability and family size: Evidence from the PhilippinesOrbeta, Aniceto C.
2005 Child malnutrition as a poverty indicator: An evaluation in the context of different development interventions in IndonesiaSetboonsarng, Sununtar
2005 Road development and poverty reduction: The case of Lao PDRWarr, Peter
2005 What is special about enterprise performance in North-East People's Republic of China? Dynamics of privatization, profitability and productivity during the reform eraXiao, Geng
2005 Banking in the People's Republic of China: Are new tigers supplanting old mammoths?Ferri, Giovanni
2005 Building blocks or stumbling blocks? Regional cooperation arrangements in Southeast AsiaMenon, Jayant
2005 Globalization, geography and regional policyWeiss, John
2005 Governance in Indonesia: Some commentsMcCawley, Peter
2005 The People's Republic of China and its neighbors: Evolving patterns of trade and investmentWeiss, John
2005 Children and the labor force participation and earnings of parents in the PhilippinesOrbeta, Aniceto C.
2005 Economic and social development in the People's Republic of China's North-East region: A comparative studyXiaolu, Wang
2005 Think tanks and policy advice in countries in transition: Paper prepared for the Asian Development Bank Institute Symposium: How to Strengthen Policy-Oriented Research and Training in Viet Nam ; 31st August 2005, HanoiStone, Diane
2005 Sharing the fruit of forestry products: Indigenous people and their incomes in the forestry sector in East Kalimantan, IndonesiaMaunati, Yekti
2005 The 'sophistication' of exports: A new measure of product characteristicsLall, Sanjaya / Weiss, John / Zhang, Jinkang
2005 Development in North East People's Republic of China: An analysis of enterprise performance 1995 - 2002Geng, Xiao / Weiss, John
2005 Do interest rates matter? Credit demand in the Dhaka slumsDehejia, Rajeev / Montgomery, Heather / Morduch, Jonathan
2005 Assessing poverty impact of trade liberalization policies: A generic macroeconomic computable general equilibrium model for South AsiaKhan, Haider A.
2005 Coordinated failure? A cross-country bank failure prediction modelMontgomery, Heather / Santoso, Wimboh / Besar, Dwityapoetra S.
2005 Number of children and their education in Philippine households: Evidence from an exogenous change in family sizeOrbeta, Aniceto C.
2005 Export growth and industrial policy: Lessons from the East Asian miracle experienceWeiss, John
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