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DateTitle Authors
2003 Explaining trends in regional poverty in People's Republic of ChinaWeiss, John
2003 People's Republic of China's export threat to ASEAN: Competition in the US and Japanese marketsWeiss, John / Shanwen, Gao
2003 Corporate governance in banking and economic performance: Future options for People's Republic of ChinaFerri, Giovanni
2004 Great expectations: Microfinance and poverty reduction in Asia and Latin AmericaWeiss, John / Montgomery, Heather
2004 Poverty targeting in the People's Republic of ChinaSangui, Wang
2004 People's Republic of China and its neighbors: Partners or competitors for trade and investment?Weiss, John
2004 Foreign direct investment in East Asia and Latin America: Is there a People's Republic of China effect?Chantasasawat, Busakorn / Fung, K. C. / Iizaka, Hitomi / Siu, Alan
2004 Private sector participation in infrastructure: The case of ThailandNikomborirak, Deunden
2004 Corporate governance in the Republic of Korea and its implications for firm performanceNam, Il Chong
2004 Infrastructure regulation: Models for developing AsiaKirkpatrick, Colin / Parker, David
2004 Obstacles to private power investments in IndiaDesai, Vishvanath V.
2004 Rice reforms and poverty in the Philippines: A CGE analysisCororaton, Caesar B.
2004 Using macroeconomic computable general equilibrium models for assessing poverty impact of structural adjustment policiesKhan, Haider A.
2004 Poverty targeting in Asia: Country experience of IndiaSrivastava, Pradeep
2004 People's Republic of China's round-tripping FDI: Scale, causes and implicationsXiao, Geng
2004 Reaching the poor with poverty projects: What is the evidence on social returns?Weiss, John
2004 Cross-border transport infrastructure, regional integration and developmentFujimura, Manabu
2004 People's Republic of China's competitive threat to Latin America: An analysis for 1990 - 2002Lall, Sanjaya / Weiss, John
2004 Does exporting raise productivity? Evidence from Korean microdataAhn, Sanghoon
2004 Contract design: Providing incentives to private sector participation in infrastructureFindlay, Christopher
2005 Post-Tsunami recovery: Issues and challenges in Sri LankaJayasuriya, Sisira / Steele, Paul / Weerakoon, Dushni
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