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DateTitle Authors
2003 Innovative sources for development finance: over-arching issuesAtkinson, A.B.
2003 What determines foreign aid to Papua New Guinea? An inter-temporal model of aid allocationFeeny, Simon
2003 Regional poverty and income inequality in Central and Eastern EuropeFörster, Michael / Jesuit, David / Smeeding, Timothy
2003 Economics and politics of official loans versus grants: Panoramic issues and empirical evidenceOdedokun, Matthew
2003 Some welfare implications of who goes first? in WTO negotiationsGuha-Khasnobis, Basudeb
2003 The international finance facility: The UK HM treasury-DFID proposal to increase external finance to developing countriesMavrotas, George
2003 A global lottery and a global premium bondAddison, Tony / Chowdhury, Abdur R.
2003 Remittances by emigrants: Issues and evidenceSolimano, Andrés
2003 International trade, location and wage inequality in ChinaLin, Songhua
2003 The 'pull' and 'push' factors in north-south private capital flows: Conceptual issues and empirical estimatesOdedokun, Mathew
2003 The composition of aid and the fiscal sector in aid-recipient economy: A modelMavrotas, George / Ouattara, Banzoumana
2003 Is the brain drain an unmitigated blessing?Faini, Riccardo
2003 The theoretical, conceptual and empirical impact of the service economyAnderson, Brigitte / Corley, Marva
2003 Impact of trade liberalization on returns from land: A regional study of Indian agricultureGhosh, Nilabja
2003 National taxation, fiscal federalism and global taxationBoadway, Robin
2003 Conflict and peace-building in Africa: The regional dimensionsShaw, Timothy M.
2003 OECD domestic support in and developing countriesDimaranan, Betina / Hertel, Thomas / Keeney, Roman
2003 The causal relationship between information and communication technology and foreign direct investmentGholami, Roghieh / Lee, San-Yong Tom / Heshmati, Almas
2003 Opening the convergence black box: Measurement problems and demographic aspectsAzzoni, Carlos / Menezes-Filho, Naercio / Menezes, Tatiane
2003 Effiency gains from the elimination of global restrictions on labour mobility: An analysis using a multiregional CGE modelIregui, Ana María
2003 The economic integration of immigrants in the United States: Lessons for policyBorjas, George J.
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