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DateTitle Authors
2004 Development policy: An introduction for studentsAddison, Tony
2004 The rise or fall of world inequality: A superious controversy?Capéau, Bart / Decoster, André
2004 Conceptual and measurement issues in poverty analysisThorbecke, Erik
2004 Globalization and regional income inequality: Evidence from within ChinaWan, Guanghua / Lu, Ming / Chen, Zhao
2004 Subjective measures of well-beingVeenhoven, Ruut
2004 Human well-being: concepts and conceptualizationsGasper, Des
2004 A development-focused allocation of the special drawing rightsAryeetey, Ernest
2004 Spatial decomposition of inequalityShorrocks, Anthony / Wan, Guanghua
2003 A decomposition analysis of regional poverty in RussiaKolenikov, Stanislav / Shorrocks, Anthony
2003 A tale of two countries: Poverty among immigrants in Denmark and Sweden since 1984Blume, Kræn / Gustafsson, Björn / Pedersen, Peder J. / Verner, Mette
2003 Revenue potential of the currency transaction tax for development finance: A critical appraisalNissanke, Machiko
2003 Externalities in rural development: Evidence for ChinaRavallion, Martin
2003 A holistic perception of foreign financing of developing countries' private sector: Analysis and descreption of structure and trendsOdedokun, Matthew
2003 Regional or national poverty lines? The case of Uganda in the 1990sAppleton, Simon
2003 Loan processing costs and information asymmetries: Implications for financial sector development and economic growthCapasso, Salvatore / Mavrotas, George
2003 Developed country trade barriers and the least developed countries: The economic results of freeing tradeHaveman, Jon D. / Shatz, Howard J.
2003 Environmental taxation and revenue for developmentSandmo, Agnar
2003 Regional output differences in international perspectiveAten, Bettina / Heston, Alan
2003 What fundamentals drive world migration?Hatton, Timothy J. / Williamson, Jeffrey G.
2003 Export dynamism and market accessMayer, Jörg
2003 Innovative sources for development finance: over-arching issuesAtkinson, A.B.
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