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DateTitle Authors
2004 Development policy: An introduction for studentsAddison, Tony
2004 Microsimulation, CGE and macro modelling for transition and developing economiesDavis, James B.
2004 Gender-related indicators of well-beingKlasen, Stephan
2005 Channels and policy debate in the globalization-inequality-poverty nexusNissanke, Machiko / Thorbecke, Erik
2005 Financial sector structure and financial crisis burden: A model based on the Russian default of 1998Mavrotas, George / Vinogradov, Dmitri
2005 Decent work and the informal economyTrebilcock, Anne
2005 Unlocking public entrepreneurship and public economiesOstrom, Elinor
2005 From local to global and informal to formal: Entering mainstream marketsNanavaty, Reema
2005 Economic growth and financial depth: Is the relationship extinct already?Rousseau, Peter L. / Wachtel, Paul
2005 Economic agendas in civil wars: what we know, what we need to knowMalone, David M. / Nitzschke, Heiko
2005 A macro policy for poverty eradication through structural changeSobhan, Rehman
2005 Examining private investment heterogeneity: Evidence from a dynamic panelLuintel, Kul B. / Mavrotas, George
2005 The volatility of aidFielding, David / Mavrotas, George
2005 Post-conflict recovery: Does the global economy work for peace?Addison, Tony
2006 The impact of domestic and international commodity price volatility on agricultural income instability: Ghana, Vietnam and PeruRapsomanikis, George / Sarris, Alexander
2006 Multilateral aid agencies and strategic donor behaviourMavrotas, George / Villanger, Espen
2006 Aid allocation and fragile statesMcGillivray, Mark
2006 Women's status and children's food security in PakistanGuha-Khasnobis, Basudeb / Hazarika, Gautam
2006 Understanding the relationship between institutions and economic development: Some key theoretical issuesChang, Ha-Joon
2006 Growth and equity in FinlandJäntti, Markus / Saari, Juho / Vartiainen, Juhana
2006 Income, income inequality and health: Evidence from ChinaLi, Hongbin / Zhu, Yi
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