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DateTitle Authors
2001 WTO negotiation and accession issues for vulnerable economiesLanghammer, Rolf J. / Lücke, Matthias
2001 Education is good for the poor: a note on Dollar and Kraay (2001)Gundlach, Erich / Navarro de Pablo, José / Weisert, Natascha
2001 Taxation in TanzaniaLevin, Jörgen
2001 The social impact of privatization and the regulation of utilities in PeruTorero, Máximo / Pascó-Font, Alberto
2001 The fiscal dimensions of conflict and reconstructionAddison, Tony / Murshed, S. Mansoob
2001 Tax competition, globalization and declining social protectionMurshed, S. Mansoob
2001 Global integration and growth in Honduras and NicaraguaAgosin, Manuel R.
2001 Institutional framework and poverty: A transition economy perspectiveAhsan, Syed M.
2001 Clans, cliques, and captured states: Rethinking transition in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet UnionWedel, Janine R.
2001 Collective values, behavioural norms, and rules: Building institutions for economic growth and poverty reductionChu, Ke-young
2001 Does the HIPC initiative achieve its goal of debt sustainability?Gunter, Bernhard G.
2001 From conflict to reconstructionAddison, Tony
2001 The politics of revenue sharing in resource-dependent statesHerbst, Jeffrey
2001 Conflict in Africa: The cost of peaceful behaviourAddison, Tony / LeBillon, Philippe / Murshed, S. Mansoob
2001 Poverty-reducing institutional change and PRSP processes: The Ghana caseKillick, Tony
2001 Fiscal policy design in low-income countriesAdam, Christopher S. / Bevan, David L.
2001 Redistributive impact of privatization and the regulation of utilities in ChileParedes M., Ricardo
2001 Prospects for the digital economy in South Africa: Technology, policy, people, and strategiesCogburn, Derrick L. / Nyaki Adeya, Catherine
2001 Overcoming the fiscal crisis of the African StateAddison, Tony / Ndikumana, Léonce
2001 External debt and growth in developing countries: A sensitivity and causal analysisChowdhury, Abdur R.
2001 Sector investments as part of national fiscal policy: Experience from ASIP in ZambiaNokkala, Marko
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