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IAMO Forum 2010: Institutions in Transition – Challenges for New Modes of Governance

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DateTitle Authors
2010 Supply response on the Hungarian pork meat sectorBakucs, Zoltán / Márkus, Richárd
2010 Centralized versus individual: Governance of farmer professional cooperatives in ChinaJia, Xiangping / Hu, Yamei / Hendrikse, George / Huanga, Jikun
2010 Contractual relationships in the Hungarian milk sectorZoltán Bakucs, Lajos / Fertő, Imre / Szabó, Gábor G.
2010 A microeconomic model for subsidies allocation: The case of BelarusSvetlov, Nikolay M. / Kazakevich, Iryna A.
2010 Relative income, network interactions and social stigmaChen, Xi / Zhang, Xiaobo
2010 Changing governance in the EU milk supply chainKrol, Noortje / Polman, Nico / Peerlings, Jack / Nikolov, Dimitre
2010 Is the facilitation of sustainable market access achievable? Design and implementationlessons from ArmeniaGow, Hamish / Shanoyan, Aleksan
2010 Bioenergy production in Finland and its effects on regional growth and employmentSimola, Antti / Kinnunen, Jouko / Törmä, Hannu / Kola, Jukka
2010 Institutional change and collective action: The case of reclamation systems in Northwest PolandSchleyer, Christian
2010 The influence of local governance on agricultural advisory services in TajikistanMandler, Andreas
2010 Value added and governance structure: Evidence from the pear industry in China's Zhejiang provinceLiang, Qiao / Hendrikse, George W. J. / Huang, Zuhui
2010 Homo agricola considered as homo economicus and homo politicusZawojska, Aldona
2010 Formal credit institutions in agriculture of Kazakhstan (micro-econometric analysis)Gaisina, Sholpan
2010 Is organic farming a chance for family farms to survive?Fertő, Imre / Forgács, Csaba
2010 Institutions, policy reforms and efficiency in new member states from Centraland Eastern EuropeBojnec, Štefan / Fertő, Imre / Jámbor, Attila / Tóth, József
2010 Implications of external validity for research on polycentric and complex adaptive systemsColeman, Eric A.
2010 Investigating affordability problems of utility services - a theoretical study on the ratio measureGawel, Erik / Bretschneider, Wolfgang
2010 Development of small business in the sphere of rural tourism by the example of the Kirov regionVlasyuk, Tatyana
2010 Use of coordination fields in food economicsTóth, József
2010 How predictable are prices of agricultural commodities? The possibilities and constraints of forecasting wheat pricesHolst, Carsten
2010 Commodity exchange and institutional changes: Case of Iranian agricultural commodity exchangeSoltanpour, Yazdan
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