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IAMO Forum 2010: Institutions in Transition – Challenges for New Modes of Governance

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DateTitle Authors
2010 The meaning of tradition in the modern world: Village representatives in Poland - Institution in transitionMatysiak, Ilona
2010 Quality provision and governance structure variety: Pooling versus double markupLiang, Qiao / Hendrikse, George W. J. / Huang, Zuhui
2010 Analysing agricultural productivity growth in a framework of institutional qualityNomman Ahmed, Mirza / Maas, Sarah / Schmitz, P. Michael
2010 Influence of rural development policy targets on farm efficiency: An efficiency study of labour intensive grape growing family farmsManevska-Tasevska, Gordana / Hansson, Helena
2010 Political competition and support for agricultureFałkowski, Jan / Olper, Alessandro
2010 Supply response on the Hungarian pork meat sectorBakucs, Zoltán / Márkus, Richárd
2010 Centralized versus individual: Governance of farmer professional cooperatives in ChinaJia, Xiangping / Hu, Yamei / Hendrikse, George / Huanga, Jikun
2010 Contractual relationships in the Hungarian milk sectorZoltán Bakucs, Lajos / Fertő, Imre / Szabó, Gábor G.
2010 A microeconomic model for subsidies allocation: The case of BelarusSvetlov, Nikolay M. / Kazakevich, Iryna A.
2010 Relative income, network interactions and social stigmaChen, Xi / Zhang, Xiaobo
2010 Changing governance in the EU milk supply chainKrol, Noortje / Polman, Nico / Peerlings, Jack / Nikolov, Dimitre
2010 Is the facilitation of sustainable market access achievable? Design and implementationlessons from ArmeniaGow, Hamish / Shanoyan, Aleksan
2010 Bioenergy production in Finland and its effects on regional growth and employmentSimola, Antti / Kinnunen, Jouko / Törmä, Hannu / Kola, Jukka
2010 Institutional change and collective action: The case of reclamation systems in Northwest PolandSchleyer, Christian
2010 The influence of local governance on agricultural advisory services in TajikistanMandler, Andreas
2010 Value added and governance structure: Evidence from the pear industry in China's Zhejiang provinceLiang, Qiao / Hendrikse, George W. J. / Huang, Zuhui
2010 Homo agricola considered as homo economicus and homo politicusZawojska, Aldona
2010 Formal credit institutions in agriculture of Kazakhstan (micro-econometric analysis)Gaisina, Sholpan
2010 Is organic farming a chance for family farms to survive?Fertő, Imre / Forgács, Csaba
2010 Institutions, policy reforms and efficiency in new member states from Centraland Eastern EuropeBojnec, Štefan / Fertő, Imre / Jámbor, Attila / Tóth, József
2010 Implications of external validity for research on polycentric and complex adaptive systemsColeman, Eric A.
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